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Iphone Online Training

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Iphone  Online Training course content

The iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Software Development Kit (SDK)
Frame works
Cocoa Touch
Foundation Framework
The iPhone Frameworks
2. Objective-C

Objective-C Classes and Objects
The @interface and @implementation Compiler Directives
Method Declaration and Definition
Nested Arguments
Class and Instance Methods
The alloc and init Methods
Managing Memory Using Retain and Release.
Properties, Retain, Assign, Copy.
Multiple-Argument Messages
Understanding the id Variable type
Categories & Protocols.
3. UIApplication and UIApplicationDelegate

Adding a UIView and UIViewController to a UIApplicationDelegate
Connecting UIWindow, UIApplication, and UIApplicationDelegate
UIApplication and UIApplicationDelegate
The main.m file
Handling Application Life Cycle Events.
4. UIView and UIViewController

The UIView Class
The UIViewController Class
View-based Application Template
IBoutlet and IBAction
Using a View-based Application Template
5. Controls

Text Fields
Web View
Image View
Segmented Control
Date picker
Alerts & Action Sheets
Page Controller
6. Basic NS Classes

NSString, NSObject
NSArray, NSMutable Array
NSDictionary, NSMutable Dictionary
Other etc important classes
7. Tables Using UITableView and UITableViewController

UITableViewDelegate and UITableViewDataSource
Adopting the UITableViewDelegate and
8. UINavigationBar and UINavigationController

UINavigationBar, UINavigationController, and UINavigationItem
Try This: Building a Three-View Application Using a Navigation Bar
Adding Another View
More on the UINavigationController
Pushing and Popping
Try This: Using a Navigation Controller in a Tab

9. UITabBar and UITabBarController

UITabBar, UITabBar
Controller, UITabBarItem, and UITabBarControllerDelegate
Using the Tab Bar Application Template
Adding a Tab Bar Item to a Tab Bar Application
10. XML Parsing

Parsing Techniques
NSXMLParser class
NSXMLParserDelegate methods
11. WebServices

NSURLRequest Class
NSURLConnection Class
Synchrnous and Asynchronous process
12. Core Data –

Core Data in brief
Creating Core Data Model
13. SQLite

Creating DataBase using simple firefox SQLite Manager
SQL Database Manipulations
Opening the DataBase
Statements, Preparing Statements, executing statements
15. Google Maps & Annotations Introduction. – 2 hours

CLLocation, CLLocationCoordinate2D classes
Pointing a Location
Adding Annotations


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