Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial Online Training

Microsoft Dynamics AX  Financial  Online Training

Enrollmytraining provide Microsoft Dynamics AX  Financial   online training by real time experts in  IT industry. We provide Microsoft Dynamics AX  Financial online Training in across the World like India,USA, UK, Singapore, UAE, Australia, Europe, Japan, South Africa,Malaysia, Dubai .The student who had taken Microsoft Dynamics AX  Financial  training got placed in top MNC’s .We provide Microsoft Dynamics AX  Financial  online training at your comfortable timing from your home with flexible schedules.   

Microsoft Dynamics AX  Financial  Online Training course content

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Dynamics AX 2012 Financial Course Syllabus

Financials I

  1. Overview of AX 2012
  2. Differences between AX2009 vs. 2012
  3. General Ledger Setup
  4. Chart of Accounts Setup
  5. Journal Setup
  6. General Ledger Daily Procedures
  7. Sales Tax Setup
  8. Financial Features
  9. Cash & Bank Management Setup
  10. Cash & Bank Management Daily Procedures
  11. Accounts Payable Setup
  12. Accounts Payable Daily Procedures
  13. Accounts Receivable Setup
  14. Accounts Receivable Daily Procedures


Financials II


  1. Budgeting
  2. Use and Manage Budgets
  3. Commitment Accounting
  4. Cash Flow Management
  5. Multicurrency
  6. Advanced Payments
  7. Intercompany Accounting
  8. Collections Management
  9. Year-End Close
  10. Financial Statements


Fixed Assets


  1. Introduction
  2. Setup Procedures
  3. Setup of Assets
  4. Asset Transactions
  5. Inquiries and Reports
  6. Reports

Dynamics AX – Financial Series Detailed Topics
General Ledger Setup

Setup currencies and Exchange Rates

Create Periods in a new Fiscal Year

Create Date Intervals

Create a Dimension Value

Create a Dimension Focus
Chart of Account Setup

Creation of new accounts in COA

Setup account Allocation Terms

Setup System Accounts

Inquiries and Reports related to COA
Journal Setup

Setup Journal Names

Setup Journal Controls

Create Journal Texts

Setup Balance Control Accounts

Setup General Ledger Parameters
General Ledger Daily Procedures

Create General Ledger Journals

Enter General Ledger Transactions

Create Journal Batch Processing

Create Approval Journals

Create and Retrieve Periodic Journals

General Ledger Transaction Reversal

Inquire and Reports on Daily Journal Transactions
Bank Management Setup

Setup Bank Transaction Types & Transaction Groups

Setup Bank Groups

Setup Payment Purpose codes

Setup Bank Parameters

Create a Bank account

Define a Check Layout for a bank account
Accounts Payable Setup

Create a Payment schedule

Create terms of Payment

Create a Payment Day

Setup Cash discount

Create a Payment Fee

Create a Method of Payment

Setup Vendor Groups

Setup Posting Profile

Create a New Vendor
Accounts Payable Daily Procedures

Different Invoice Journals

Register an invoice Journal

Approve an Invoice Register Journal

Create an invoice excl. Posting

Create an Invoice Journal

Create a Payment Proposal

Run a Payment Proposal for a marked Settlement

Create a Payment Journal

Generate a Payment

Edit open Transactions

Reverse Closed Transaction
Accounts Receivable Setup

Create a Payment schedule

Create Terms of Payment

Create a Payment Day

Setup Cash discount

Create a Payment Fee

Create a Method of Payment

Setup Customer groups

Setup Posting Profiles

Create a New customer
Accounts Receivable Daily Procedures

Create a Free text Invoice

Editing an Open Free Text Invoice

Create a Payment Proposal

Mark for Settlement

Create a Payment Journal

Edit Open Transactions

Reverse a settlement

Reimburse a customer
Bank Management Daily Procedures

Create Checks

Delete Checks

Create a Bank Deposit Entry

Void Checks

Create a Check Refund that prints out a check

Use Bank Remittances

Reconcile Bank Statements
Sales Tax Setup

Overview of Sales Tax

Create Ledger Posting Groups Create Sales Tax Authorities

Create Sales Tax Settlement Periods

Create Sales tax codes

Create Sales tax codes Intervals

Create Sales Tax Groups

Create Item sales Tax Groups

Create Sales tax Transactions

Create Sales Tax Exempt Data

Calculate and Post With holding Sales Tax

Cash Flow Management

Relationship of cash flow with other Modules

Setup cash flow fore casting

Define a Cash Flow Forecast Budget Model

Create Cash flow Transactions

Viewing online data and Print Cash flow Reports


Run Exchange Rate Adjustments in GL

Run Exchange Rate Adjustments in AR and AP

Setup Currency rounding
Advanced Payments

Create and Process a Bridging Account Method of Payment

Setup and Process Prepayments

Setup and Process Bills of Exchange

Setup and apply Ledger accruals
Inter company accounting

Review Posting Intercompany Transactions

Review setup for Intercompany accounting

Post an Intercompany Transaction

Trace an intercompany Transaction

Setup a Consolidation Company

Setup a Subsidiary Company

Perform a Consolidation

Consolidation According to FASB 52 Regulation

Consolidations Inquiry

View and Delete Consolidation Transactions
Collection Letters and Interest

Setup and Create Collection Letters

Process Collection Letters

Setup and Create Interest Codes
Dimensions Hierarchy

The overall Concepts of Dimension sets, Hierarchies and Rules Creation of Dimension Set

Creation of Dimension SubSet

Activate Dimension Set Hierarchy

Create a Dimension Set Hierarchy

Create a dimension Set Rules
Year-End Close

Create a New Fiscal Year

Control Transactions in a Closing Period

Stop or Close a Period

Change a Module Status in a period

Create a Closing sheet

Make Adjustments or Transfers between Accounts

Setup Fiscal Year Close Parameters

Transfer Opening Balances
Introduction to Fixed assets

Fixed Assets Overview

Functionality Required for Fixed Asset Accounting

Structure and Integration with Other Modules
Setup Procedures

System Setup for Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets Module Setup

Depreciation Methods

Depreciation Conventions

Depreciation Books Overview

Country Specific Features

Mass Update Depreciation Conventions for a Depreciation Book
Setup Assets

Fixed Asset Form

Setting up Assets in the Fixed Assets Module

Inquiries in the Fixed Asset Form

Bonus Depreciation

Lending Assets

Assigning Bar Codes to Assets

Asset Budgeting
Inquiries and Reports

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