Oracle DBA Roles and Responsibilities

Oracle DBA Roles and Responsibilities


Employment History (in reverse Chronological Order)
August 2004 to Current Time – Herefordshire County Council (extended three times)
Database Consultant – ORACLE 8i-9i-10g/WINDOWS 2000/2003/XP/Solaris 9/RMAN/
RAC/SQL SVR 2000/Ingres/OEM/Veritas/Batch Scripts/Networks
Responsibilities during this period included :-
• Emergency Support of Oracle, SQL and Ingres Databases in Windows and Solaris Environments
• Analysis of changes and the production of both test and production schemas & scripts
• Backup Support for Helpdesk Requests (changes or problems).
• Implementation of Oracle RMAN and design of a new backup strategy (including Veritas backup)
• Implementation of Oracle OEM to control several servers on the network
• Tuning of existing SQL Scripts and processes
• Design and Implementation of a new GIS database environment with Web Front End
August 2004 – Argos – Milton Keynes
Oracle Support Consultant – ORACLE 8i-9i/WINDOWS/AIX/OEM/ Scripts
• This was just a 5 day emergency backup support role providing technical production support for
existing systems.
January 2004 to July 2004 – Network Rail – Derby and London (extended 3 times)
Database Consultant – ORACLE 8i-9i/WINDOWS 2000/UNIX/REDHAT/ERWIN/PLSQL/
TOAD/RMAN/CVS/OEM/Oracle AQ/Shell Scripting
Responsibilities during this period included :-
• Design and implementation of an large Oracle Warehouse Database involving several tables needing
partitioning for manageability and performance reasons
• Support of the development team working on the project using JAVA and PL/SQL
• Analysis of all changes and the production of both test and production schemas & scripts
• Production of database specific documentation to support the design process.
• The implementation of an RMAN environment and design of the backup/restore strategy
• Installation and maintenance of Oracle Software and related tools in both Windows and Unix
Environments and the production of support scripts.
July 1997 to November 2003 – Barclays/Barclaycard/Xansa – Northampton (extended several Times)
Database Administrator – DB2/ORACLE/SQL/MVS/UNIX/SOLARIS/NT/JES2/
Responsibilities during this period included :-
• Design and implementation of an extremely large transaction database involving several tables in
excess of 900 million rows and the solving of problems resulting from these requirements.
• Support of the development teams working on one of the major bank systems and including the
maintenance of databases in line with agreed changes. (test, user acceptance and live environments).
• Operational support for the database environments including problem solving and 24 hour
emergency recovery support.
• Analysis of all change requests from the database design and performance points of view.
• Production of documentation to support the design and implementation processes.
• The design and production of a number of space monitoring and performance tools and the
production of operational ‘Health Check’ procedures in connection with space monitoring.
• Setting up and running of a number of technical seminars and courses for the development and
implementation support personnel

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