Success factors online training

sap successfactors online training

sap successfactors online training

Enrollmytraining provide sap successfactors  online training by real time experts in  IT industry  .We provide sap successfactors online training in across the World like India,USA, UK, Singapore, UAE, Australia, Europe, Japan, South Africa,Malaysia, Dubai .The student who had taken  sap successfactors got placed in top MNC’s .Student can select regular fast track and weekend batch as for their requirement  learners

sap successfactors online training Course Content

Introduction to Success Factors

Introduction to provisioning
Introduction to Training instance
Admin Tools navigation
Employee data file

Permission – RBP/Non- RBP
Password Policies
Email notification
Text Replacement

Rating Scale and Route Map
Launch Forms
Employee Profile introduction


Recruitment Management

Recruitment Instance setup
Candidate Statuses

Recruiting Roles
Job Requisition Functionality

Job Requisition – JRDM
Job Requisition permission

Candidate Profile
Candidate Application

Candidate Country fields
Picklist and JRDM,CDM, CPT

Candidate Screening
Candidate Competencies
Interview Central

Job Code entity and job role tag
Candidate search and candidate tag


Email Templates – recruiting emails, offers and candidate status emails

Recruiting Admin

Recruiting Agencies

Equest – Jobvite

Mobile Recruiting , Data Privacy configuration country wise

Introduction to onboarding
Enable Features in onboarding

Super Admin setup
Web Services setup

Create Admin and setup RBP
Create Reports and Sync jobs

SSO Setup
Corporate Structure

Secruity setup
Data List

Setup Panel Designer – Custom validation using Javascript, regulare validation, advance condition

Custom Notification

Mapping Fields on Panels to PDF forms (pre-requisite ADOBE writer is required)

MDF customization for Day 1 user

Initiation Step

Employee Step

Exit Interview

Employee Central

EC overview
Setting up EC environment

EC Key features
EC data models

Introduction to Foundation Tables

Basic Foundation Table Configuration

Country Specific Configuration (CSF) for Foundation Tables

Country Specific Configuration (CSF) for Foundation Tables


Employee Data Overview
Basic Employee Data Import

Basic Employee Data Configuration
Country Specific Employee Data Configuration

Mass Changes

Position Management

Self Service, Workflows, and Event Reason Overview

Employee Central Reporting

Global Assignment

Time Off

Integration – EC + RCM + ONB



RCM + ONB + EC + Offboarding
Integration – RC M – SAP, RCM + ONB – SAP

Goals & Performance Mangement

Goal Management

Provisioning Settings for Goal & Performance Mgmt Modules.

Goal Execution

Overview of Job Families and Job Roles

Form Templates

Goal Plan Permissions

Goal Plan layout.

Stack Ranker

Mass Import of Goals

Integrating Goal and Performance Mgmt Modules.

Working with Goal and Performance templates (Xml Templates).

Performance Management v12

Compensation Mastery Prework, Setup Provisioning for Compensation and Comp admin tools

Data Integration User Data File.

Compensation Plan Template.

Compensation Salary Sheet Management

Work Sheet Designer, Column Designer

Setup Look UP Tables, Setup Salary Pay Matrix, Currency Conversion Setup and Setup Job Code and Pay Grade Mapping Tables.

Compensation Eligibility

Compensation Guidelines

Assigning Route Maps to Compensation Template.

Multi-Dimensional Matrix for Guidelines.

Compensation Program Budget

Setup Salary Proration

Creating Compensation User data Import and export of User Data.

Executive Review, Multi-currency review

Bonus Sheet, Bonus Guidelines, Bonus Rules.

Stock Options, Rating Sources

Compensation Statement templates, Compensation Statement

Create/Delete and update Compensation work sheets, Recall Compensation Statements and Admin Maintenance

EC Integration

Analytics & Reporting

Introduction to Reporting, Manage Report Permissions

Introduction to Dash Boards, Set up process dashboards, Rating Scale Dashboards

Create Interactive Dashboards

Adhoc report Builder, Custom Reports Creation, Sharing Reports.

Online Report Designer
sap successfactors online training batch starts at weekend .You can enroll on your flexible timing.

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