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workday financial online training in India USA

Enrollmytraining provide workday financial   online training by real time experts in  IT industry. We provide workday financial  online Training in across the World like India,USA, UK, Singapore, UAE, Australia, Europe, Japan, South Africa,Malaysia, Dubai .The student who had taken workday financial   training got placed in top MNC’s .

We provide workday financial online training at your comfortable timing from your home with flexible schedules.It is about the complete financial module.Working with Accounting, ledgers ,Bank statements

Workday Financial Course content

Organizations and Worktags
Create Reorganization
Create a Company
Add Company Contact information
Add Company Tax ID Number
Assign Company to Company Hierarchy
Create a Cost Center
Create a Cost Center Hierarchy
Assign Cost Center to a Cost Center Hierarchy
Enable Custom Worktag
Maintain Custom Worktag Values
Financial Accounting and Setup
Fisca I Schedule
View a Fiscal Schedule
Account Setup
Create Ledger Accounts
View Ledger Accounts n Account Summary
View Account Control Rule Set
View Account Posting Rule Set
Edit Company Accounting Details
Ledger Setup
Create Ledger and Ledger Year and Ledger Periods
Update Ledger Period Status
Journal Setup
Assign Security Role to Company
Create Accounting Journals
Copy Accounting Journal.
Recurring Accounting Journal Template
Recurring Journal Generation
Upload a Journal Entry
Create Journal Upload Template
Populate Journal Template

Revenue Management

Customer Setup
Maintain Customer Category
Maintain Customer Groups
Create Customer
Revenue Categories
Maintain Revenue Categories
Create Sales Item
Edit Posting Rule (Refresher)
Maintain Custom Validations
Customer Contracts, Invoices and Adjustments
Assign Security Role to Company
Create Customer Invoice
Email and Print a Customer Invoice
Create Customer Invoice Adjustment
Create Customer Contract
Create Billing Schedule
Create Revenue Recognition Schedule

Customer Receipts
Bank Setup
View Financial Institution
Create Bank Account.
Customer Account Management
Record Customer Payment with an On-Account Amount
Record Customer Payment with Short payment
Deposit Customer Payments
Create Customer Refund
Write Off Bad Debt
Record Cash Sale
Customer Reporting:
Receivables Aging Reports
Customer Statements
Receivables to Customer Balances Reconciliation

Supplier Setup
Maintain a Supplier Category
Create Supplier
Spend Categories and Purchase Items
Maintain Spend Category
Create Spend Category Hierarchy
Create Purchase Item
Edit Posting Rule (Refresher)
Supplier Invoice and Adjustment
Assign Security Role to Company
Create Supplier Invoice
Create Supplier Invoice Adjustment
Create Recurring Supplier Invoice Template
Schedule Supplier Invoice Auto-Create
Payables to Supplier Balances Reconciliation

Banking and Settlement:
Cash Flow
Settlement Overview
Assign Security Role to Company
ACreate Bank Routing Rule
Create Settlement Run
Print Check Task
View Settlement – Settlement Work Area (Optional)
Banking :
Create Ad Hoc Payment.
Record Bank Statement – Quick Entry
Create an Ad Hoc Bank Transaction
Bank Statement Reconciliation Work Area
Cash to Bank Account Balances Reconciliation

Business Assets :
Business Asset Lifecycle
Assign Security Role to Company
Add Asset Books To Company
Maintain Depreciation Profiles
Maintain Spend Category
Maintain Asset Book Rules
Edit Posting Rule (Refresher)
Purchase Business Assets
Register Business Assets
Issue Assets
Record Depreciation Expense
Transfer Business Assets
Dispose Business Assets
View Business Asset History

Steps for budget setup
Bugets Overview
Create Budget Structure
Create Budget Template
Maintain Budget
Create Budget Structure – Uses Amendments and Approval
Create Budget template (Revenue Forecast)
Maintain Budgets with Approvals and Ammendments
Submit budget
Create budget Amendment
Budget Report

Period and Year-end Close
Period Close:
Start a Close Process (optional)
View Year End Closing Rules
Create Fiscal Year
Roll Forward Year-End Balance
Closing Periods and Creating Adjusting Journal
Close Ledger Year

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