10 Tips to setup the right workspace while working from home

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The second wave of COVID-19 pandemic has forced most of the professionals around the world to get accustomed to working from home again. Often, people working remotely complain that they don’t get the vibes while working at home as they did in their offices. Here are the top 10 tips to setup the right workspace while working from home that will surely give you vibe like office workplace.

1. Try to have a personalised comfortable workspace with proper ventilation and lighting.

2. There would be a number of distractions at home, so be close to the spot that is free from potential interferences.

3. Right posture is very important to continue working for a longer duration. So, get yourself a comfortable chair that allows you to work at your computer or laptop without hunching over.

4. Always get a separate, compatible keyboard or mouse for better experience and comfort.

5. Get yourself a customised standing/walking workstation, which will keep your weight in check because of reduced mobility.

6. Keep a distance from the sofa or couch or bed, because there are chances that you might develop sleep disorder or it can make you feel lazy as well.

7. Keep your necessary belongings nearby, so that you don’t need to pick up things from another room.

8. Create a lot of free space around you so that you don’t hit a wall. A cluttered area diminishes creativity.

9. Most importantly, maintain a good routine. Wake up on time, get dressed properly, eat breakfast timely, take coffee break and yes exercise.

10. Keep taking small breaks so that you don’t feel exhausted.

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