3 Top tips to respond to a bad performance review

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By Shreya Chakravorty

Getting a bad performance review from your employer can be very devastating and stressful. No one enjoys learning their manager is not happy with their work. So, here are some tips on how to respond after getting a bad performance review.

The following three tips are:

1. Wait before responding

Give yourself some time to calm down before making a move because you may feel sad or angry and it can be dangerous to respond to your boss while in this state of mind. So, have patience and calm down before meeting with the boss.

2. Read and analyse the review

Try to take 24 hours to understand the feedback and come up with a list of questions about things that are confusing. This will help you to give you time to understand everything carefully.

3. Make an appointment

Don’t just walk into your boss’s office as this will set a negative impact on you. So, schedule an appointment with your boss.

Shreya is a Trainee Writer with TimesJobs.

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