5 Career mistakes that will cost you the next promotion

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Are you unhappy with the pace of your career growth? Have you been waiting for a promotion or a salary hike that never turned into reality? The reason could be the mistakes you didn’t even know you were making! Read on to see whether you are making any of these five critical career mistakes.

1. Not being up to date

This is the cardinal sin for any professional. You need to be up to date with advancements, new skills, new techniques and trends in your domain. For that, keep a look out for newer things happening in your domain and upskill.

2. Taking a backseat
While making an important decision, if the junior or the professionals are sitting back without contributing then it is possible that with time they won’t be asked about their opinion. It is essential to contribute to a meeting and share opinion.

3. Overusing technical skills
You need to keep in mind that you should focus on the technical part of your job as per the requirement and not overdo it. Over flexing on tech skills can end up creating issues instead of solving real-life problems.

4. Being limited to a specific domain
If, for instance, a data scientist is limited to a single or specific area such as building models while ignoring other aspects like data engineering, business aspects, and data pipelining, it will create a major obstacle in his career growth. Techies need to explore different aspects to thrive in their careers.

5. Not being a part of a community
Being a part of a larger community is very important in terms of exposure in the industry. Plus, you will keep on getting insights on your work from experts and industry veterans. By not being a part of the community, you will let go of a lot of career growth opportunity.

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