5 effective ways to beat work stress while working remotely

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The COVID-19 is an unprecedented time when most employees are working hard remotely, and yet very few feel that sense of achievement in the work done. Employees across the globe are struggling to maintain their work-life balance while working remotely.

Experts also feels that work-from home is leading to anxiety, work stress and burn out causing employees to feel less connected with their workplace or peer groups. Most companies have established help groups or no-agenda meetings to help employees unwind. Other than these, there are many ways that employees can fight the work pressure.

Check these:

Physical exercises:

Exercise is one of the best way to release stress. Physical activities and excercises releases endorphins that improves your mood and act as natural painkillers. Hence people do any kind of physical activity are less likely to experience stress. Hence resolve to set aside sometime for physical workout.

Reduce your caffeine intake:

Consumption of tea and coffee on a large scale increases the anxiety level. Therefore, it’s advisable to avoid frequent intake of caffeine. To deal with burnouts and anxiety you can add supplements to your diet charts such as lemonade, green tea, etc.

Take a walk:

Don’t be glued to your laptops for a very long time while working. It’s important that you finish your work on time and take a walk in your vicinity or roam around in your balcony. And if possible you can perform some breathing exercise as well while taking a walk.

Learn to say ‘NO’:

Saying ‘no’ is a important. In fact all of us should know when to say it. Working remotely doesn’t mean to give up on your personal space, if you think you are overburdened then it’s time to speak up and take a break.

Avoid over thinking and over doing:

To avoid this situation it’s important to create a to-do list, set your priorities for the day in advance and stick to it. This will help you in maintain a balance between your professional and personal lives and you’ll feel less burnt out.

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