5 Things job seekers must check before accepting a job offer

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After a challenging tech or IT job search, when you finally receive a call for the job interview for your dream profile, it’s important to gather some information about your employer well in advance. However, this is a mandatory practice that must be followed before you apply for a job opportunity or sit for a job interview. Knowing about your next employer not only gives you an upper hand in an interview but also helps you in making informed choices.

So, here are some useful tips on how to do a deep research about your potential employer before you accept the job offer.

Company’s brand value

Go through the official website as you may get brief about your potential employer. Look at their social media profiles to understand about their line of business, work culture, etc. You will also have an idea about their user reach and experience.

Work culture and environment

Read online reviews about the company from former or current employees. You will also read the reviews from their clients, or anyone else or other organisation who has worked with your potential new employer.

Role & criticality to business

Check out if your job profile is interesting in the company you are about to join, and if it is crucial / inevitable to the business. You must raise queries about your KRA’s and other responsibilities associated with your job.

Subscribe daily or weekly newsletters

Sign up for their newsletter because many organisations send out daily or weekly newsletters of their most recent news. This can be related to employee achievement, new big projects, industry growth, etc.

Work-life balance

The COVID-19 pandemic made us all clear why work-life balance for a working professional is important. So, before joining the organisaton you must check on the job role and timings, how it is going to make lifestyle changes (travel, commute, work timings) and are you prepared for it?

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