5 Tips to answer about expectations from new job in an interview

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Shreya Chakraborty

In all job interviews, the hiring managers want to know about the expectations of a candidate. This is important because candidates who have a different expectation than what the company can offer, often tend to be a mismatch and misfit in the firm.

Here are a few tips that can help you answer this question with ace:

1. Be honest and positive
It’s fine to mention your job expectation because your employer must know your intentions.

2. Be specific
Pick a focus area in your response and be prepared with some relevant examples to share with the interviewer.

3. Think about the job role you are applying for
Keep your job role in mind and think about how the company can help you deliver the maximum potential.

4. Avoid negativity
Be careful how you answer this question and don’t focus too much on how things will change if your expectations are not met.

5. Don’t talk about money here

When mentioning job expectations, talk about career goals and professional achievements that you wish to scale. No money talk should happen on this stage.

Shreya is a trainee features writer with TimesJobs

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