Business analyst ba Quality Assurance qa online training

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Business analyst ba Quality Assurance qa online training

  • Who is a Business Analyst?
  • Business Team / Technical team
  • Roles & Responsibilities of BA
  • Who is an Actor?
    • Two real time exercise on identifying Actor
  • How to identify an actor?
  • What is a Use Case?
  • How to identify an Use Case and 
  1. Usage Use Case Project ATM 
  2. Use Case Project URS 
  • Use Case Template
  1. Two real time exercise on Use Case Template
  • Attributes / component in Use Case Template
  1. Two real time exercise on Use Case Template

Session – 1

BRD – Business Requirement Document

SDLC – Software Development Life Cycle

Waterfall, Agile, SCRUM, Sprint, User Stories etc.

Group Discussion

Session – 2

Types of Testing, Unit testing, functional testing, integration test, Regression Test

Black Box Testing and White Box testing, UAT testing,

Smoke Testing, Backend Testing, Data Driven Testing.

Practice – Group Discussion

Session – 3

QA Tester Role – Software Testing Life Cycle

Home Assignments

Practice – Group Discussion , Domain related discussion

Session – 4

How to write Test Cases

Home work Assignments

Session – 5

How to write Test Plan , Objective, Scope and Strategy of the test plan

Session – 6

Defect Life Cycle

  • Online training. All of the courses are used high technology to help the students receive the best instruction in all environments.
  • In-class training. By enroll QA in-class training, the students will gain themselves a chance to discuss directly with the real BA and QA experts and learn from their experiences.
  • One to one training. This is the special QA training course which is created for busy students who want to set and choose their own learning time or who want to study one by one with the expert instructors.

At QABA Training USA Company, we only work with the Quality Analysts who must have at least 7-10 years in this industry. Especially, they must be the people who are willing to share the knowledge and experiences and support the students to be a real Quality Analyst and can apply what they learnt in the practical situation. Together with the instructors, training experts’ team will be responsible in guiding the students in the mock interview and the resume in order to have the good preparation for their job application

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