Career in Tech: Outlook and Opportunities in 2021

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The technology industry is flourishing at an unprecedented speed and saw an increase in the demand for tech talent in the first quarter of 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Here we bring you an interesting chat of the High-Tea session conducted by TimesJobs on ‘Career in Tech: Outlook and Opportunities in 2021’, discover how you can strengthen your career in this field.

In a chat session, Mohan Kumar, Head of Talent Acquisition, Intuit India, said, “To excel in today’s fast paced environment, it has to be a combination of domain and managerial skills along with business acumen and soft skills. Talent managers, although focus on hiring talent with the right skills and expertise, also pay attention to other qualities such as a customer-focused mindset. So continue to build this mindset and expertise which will help you in your quest.”

On being asked about how automation can be introduced in the talent acquisition so that everything can be managed with minimum time and manpower, Mohan said, “Automation is already in and can’t be escaped and various organisations are at different maturity levels. While automation helps fasten and improve predictability levels across various steps in talent acquisition; there will always be a fine line to balance with intellectual human expertise and complete automation.”

Mohan also explained about how to grow and get a job in the best organisation. He said, “aspiring techies should possess very strong technical skills such as programming and an understanding of analytical tools to leverage AI and ML, as well as non-technical skills, business acumen, problem solving capabilities, soft skills and a passion to innovate that will translate into success. Even a highly skilled candidate/ employee needs to continuously evolve with the new skill set. There is a necessity for continued education in today’s world. You can continue to seek training sessions and methods to expand your knowledge. You can also learn from your peer group.”

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