CEAT introduces various initiatives for employee wellbeing

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CEAT is looking at wellness in its entirety but working precisely on constituent elements, be it physical, mental & emotional or financial.

First is the mental wellness space. Perception of imminent danger and the thought of being physically and mentally equipped to deal with it is causing anxiety. Do I have the immunity and health to safely negotiate the wave? What can I do to make sure that I and my family stay safe? In this regard, our Chief Fitness Officer has been conducting calls across all locations, connecting with the breadth of the organisation, covering all aspects of preventive healthcare – from focusing on building immunity, healthy habits & regimen, Do’s and Don’ts of COVID appropriate behaviour. Ready reckoners summarising her connection have been made and disseminated on WhatsApp groups to be immediately accessible to all.

Another source of anxiety is the recuperative worry for people afflicted with the virus. The whole worry about regaining fitness levels and what the infection would mean in the longer run is a big undercurrent in the recovering population. A dedicated hotline extends to our Cofit who has been guiding an ever-increasing number of employees on recuperative care. We are soon to launch a dedicated ‘On Road to recovery’ program for our COVID afflicted employees with the help of an expert with the sole aim of working towards regaining fitness levels.

A bigger source of anxiety and grief in the second wave has been managing a COVID-19 infection – Who do I reach out to? In the times of lockdown, how do I consult a doctor? What about availability of beds, emergency care and all such questions that are a persistent thought and weigh us down. To this effect, a very simple yet effective thing we have done is to consolidate all related available help under one umbrella COVID care document that serves as a ready reference guide. It contains all details of who to connect with, when to connect with, emergency and assistance numbers for doctor teleconsultation, hospitalisation, home isolation. There is also redundancy in the number of healthcare partners we have on board to help our employees in the current times. Knowing what needs to be done and having a reference support network goes a long way in mitigating anxiety. Our HR teams have gone all out in supporting employees – finding scarce medicines, icu beds, tying up locally for isolation facilities to even managing sending cooked food to employees in some instances.

We have done tremendous work with Juno Clinic on emotional & mental wellness – from organising regular sessions on managing stress and anxiety, to proactive interventions like conducting stress surveys across locations to get abreast with the levels and elements of stress to target dedicated interventions. A totally confidential hotline access to Juno remains in place for anyone needing access to a professional in dealing with stress, anxiety, grief, workplace issues and anything under the ambit of mental & emotional wellness.

We understand that all of these efforts can be diluted by the working culture. It is imperative that employees get time to heal, to grieve and not have workplace stress to compound the pandemic afflicted stress.

First up, we understand that everyone deals with grief, loss and anxiety differently and therefore we remain totally flexible in working around the employee’s needs for leave or flexibility at work. To this effect, all managers have been sensitised towards working with empathy. Everyone has been asked to be cognizant of working hours and not to disturb the employees with assignments post working hours and on weekends.

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