Check out these questions to ace your next promotion interview

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By Abheet Sajwan

A promotion interview seems similar to a general interview but the former one needs much more preparation since here the company already knows the employees and is going to analyse them based on their professional skills.

Here are 5 five important promotion interview questions that companies ask.

1-Why do you want to move out of your current role?

2-We have received several applications, why should we consider you?

3-What do you know about the position you’re being considered for?

4-What would be your first course of action in the role?

5- How would your current team members describe your work?

6-How will this promotion affect your relationships with your co-workers?

7-How would you react if you don’t get the promotion?

8-What do you hope to accomplish within the next three to six months?

He is a trainee writer at TimesJobs.

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