#Diwali2021: Tips to feel positive and enlighten your career during Diwali

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#Diwali2021 is here and it is not just offering you a public holiday but a long weekend ahead. This festival of lights and sweets works as a source of inspiration and divine positive energy for our personal lives. Therefore, why not celebrate these festivities and plan a career refresh to bring professional enlightenment.

Here are a few tips:

Redesign your workspace

During Diwali, it’s a tradition to clean the whole house to bring prosperity and fortunes. So, if you are working from home and have an organised office setup then clean it before Diwali.

Work on your resume

When you are planning to work on your resume, you need to tailor it according to your job profile or the particular job that you apply for. However, you need to mention your previous roles as well. Describe all your past work and achievement crisply because it’s important to show your resume more than just a list of your responsibilities.

Make a list of your relevant skills

Always make sure that you include all relevant skills gained and required of you in previous job roles. Therefore, the skills must compliment your professional working experience and if required you must learn new skills and techniques to stay ahead in your career.

A fresh touch to your professional life

No matter how much experience you have in a particular field, you need to learn new skills to put a positive light on your career. If you are a graduate, go for higher education or you can take a short-term professional course as well.

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