edi basics tutorial

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edi basics tutorial
Before We Start the Tutorial
We will use the popular EDI flow of receiving a purchase order and then sending back an invoice during this tutorial. You might be tempted to skip it because you don’t see your transaction – but give it a chance. The techniques you’ll learn in the tutorial are fundamental to building any EDI apps, and mastering it will give you a deep understanding of EDI .NET Tools.
The tutorial is divided into several sections:
The overview will teach you the fundamentals of EDI .NET Tools: EDI Templates and attributes
EDI Translation will teach you how to parse EDI files using EdiReader
What can I do with my EDI Template POCO will teach you the available operations such as validation, save to DB, generate acknowledgment or serialize to JSON/XML
EDI Generation will teach you how to generate EDI files using EdiWriter
Part 2 of the tutorial will cover EDI validation, acknowledgments, creating DB structure to save and query, serialize\deserialize to\from JSON & XML.
You don’t have to complete all of the sections at once to get the value out of this tutorial. Try to get as far as you can – even if it’s one or two sections.
Setup and Prerequisites
You can see what we’ll be building here:
X12 Examples
EDIFACT Examples
The narrative will use primarily X12 examples; however, a link to the corresponding EDIFACT examples will be included for every section. We’ll assume that you have some familiarity with EDI and X12, but you should be able to follow along even if you’re new to EDI. We’ll also assume that you’re familiar with .NET and C#.

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edi basics tutorial

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