From IITs to MIT to Harvard, upskill yourself with these free online courses

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Top colleges and universities are now offering online courses amid the pandemic. The online courses can be taken by IT professionals and students that want to upskill and thrive in the market. This will not only boost the CV of the professionals but also help them to polish their skills and be certified in the domains.

The dream universities like IIT and NIT have rolled out applications for various upskilling programs. Here is a roundup of the online courses that the best universities are offering.

1. MIT: Computer Programming using Python

MIT has introduced a new course on computer programming using Python for the students and professionals for upskilling. The course will offer an insight into the informal introduction to algorithmic complexity, Python programming language, etc.

Details here.

2. Harvard University: Computer Programming for Beginners

Harvard University is offering five online courses in Computer Programming for beginners. The course will include CS50’s Understanding Technology, CS50’s Introduction to Programming from Scratch, CS50: Introduction to Computer Science, CS50’s Introduction to Game Development, and CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python.

Details here.

3. IISc Bangalore: Design for the Internet of Things

IISc Bangalore is offering design for the Internet of Things courses via the NPTEL platform. The course will cover the system designs offering an overview of IoT and smart objects. The 8-week course can be taken by electronic and communication engineers, electrical engineers, and control and instrumentation engineers.

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4. NIT Warangal: Course on Python for Machine Learning

NIT Warangal is offering an online course on Python for Machine Learning that will be conducted from July 26 to July 30 for three hours each. The session includes the training and knowledge on Python fundamentals along with its major aspects on Machine Learning.

Details here.

5. ISRO: Machine Learning to Deep Learning

ISRO is offering free online certification on Machine Learning to Deep Learning: A journey to remote sensing data classification. The 5-day course is conducted by ISRO through the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS).

Details here.

6. IIT Kharagpur: Machine Learning course

IIT Kharagpur is offering online Machine Learning courses via the NPTEL platform. The course will start on July 26 and ends on September 17 for the professionals and students covering the majors of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Data, and Text Mining.

Details here.

7. ISRO: Web GIS Technology

ISRO is offering free online certification on Web Geographic Information System Technology that is a great chance for the participants to learn from renowned scientists. The 12-day course will offer great insights into the major GIS technology concepts and awards with a certification.

Details here.

8. IIT Kharagpur: Java programming

IIT Kharagpur is offering online courses on Java for undergraduates from disciplines of Computer Science Engineering, Information Technology, EE, and ECE to improve their programming skills and understand the object-oriented paradigm.

Details here.

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