Germany to ease immigration of skilled workers; details inside

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As soon as the Skilled Immigration Act enters into force, skilled foreigners will be able to enter the country under facilitated conditions to work. As soon as bureaucratic hurdles are removed, skilled workers will be able to live and work in Germany without the burden of following as many rules as previously required.

Nancy Faeser, the interior minister, commented on the nation’s plans to relax the criteria for skilled workers, stating that they want to make it simpler for them to travel to Germany for employment.

He also said that they want to attract as many skilled workers as possible as the country is currently dealing with labour shortages.

“We want skilled workers to be able to come to Germany quickly and get off to a flying start. We want to remove bureaucratic hurdles. If people bring work experience or personal potential, we will enable them to gain a foothold in our job market,” the statement Faeser reads.

In line with the Skilled Immigration Act, skilled workers will be able to enter Germant through three routes.

Through the first route, or the route based on qualifications, IT specialists in particular demand in Germany can gain entry to the country with the EU blue card. As stated by the authorities, this set of professionals will have their required German language proficiency waived and their professional experience abridged.

Second, the German authorities have announced that foreigners will be able to enter Germany as specialists in the future if they have at least two years of professional experience and a professional qualification acquired and recognized abroad.

“The degree no longer has to be recognised in Germany beforehand. That means less bureaucracy and, therefore, shorter procedures,” the government emphasises.

Thirdly, Germany will introduce the Opportunity Card, which will allow foreigners to enter the country and stay for up to one year in the hope of finding employment.

Germany proposes to relax the criteria for asylum seekers looking for work in addition to the aforementioned measures.

The authorities say asylum seekers who entered Germany before March 29 and have the necessary qualifications may withdraw their asylum application and apply for a working and residence permit.

According to a recent research by the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, immigration to Germany increased significantly in the second half of 2021. The nation has since seen an inflow of hundreds of foreigners coming with the aim of looking for work possibilities.

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