Google Cloud Certification Online Training 

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Google Cloud Certification Online Training 

Cloud certification training online classes help you clear the Google Professional Cloud Architect certification exam. This training will give you hands-on experience in Google Cloud services like storage, computing, database, networking and security. Upon the completion of the google cloud platform training, you will be able to design and deploy scalable Google Cloud solutions for enterprises.

Google Cloud Certification Online Training
Google Cloud Certification Online Training

Getting Started
Creating a Compute Engine Project
Enabling Billing
Adding Team Members
Compute Engine Resources
Manage Compute Engine Resources
Creating an Instance Using the Developers Console
Accessing an Instance Using the Developers Console
Deleting an Instance Using the Developers Console
Creating an Instance Using gcloud
Instance Attributes
Accessing an Instance Using gcloud
Deleting an Instance Using gcloud
Creating an Instance Programmatically
Creating an Instance Using a Service Account
Selecting an Access Mode
Cleaning Up
Storage: Persistent Disk
Compute Engine Storage Options at a Glance
Persistent Disk
Persistent Disk Performance
Create a Persistent Disk Using Developers Console
Create a Persistent Disk Using Gcloud
Attaching/Detaching a PD to/from a Running VM
Create a Persistent Disk Programmatically
Persistent Disk Snapshots
Storage: Cloud Storage
Understanding BLOB Storage
Getting Started
Introducing Gsuit
Using Cloud Storage from Your Code
Configuring Access Control
Understanding ACLs
Using Default Object ACLs
Understanding Object Immutability
Understanding Strong Consistency
Storage: Cloud SQL and Cloud Datastore
Cloud SQL
Getting Started
Creating Databases and Tables
Running SQL Queries
Cloud Datastore
Getting Started
Creating and Viewing Entities via the Developers Console
Creating and Retrieving Entities Programmatically from a VM
Bring Your Own Database
A Short Networking Primer
Network Addresses and Routing
Transport Control Protocol (TCP)
The Domain Name System (DNS)
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
Load Balancing
Default Networking
Configuring Firewall Rules
Configuring Load Balancing
Reserving External IP Addresses
Configuring Networks
Understanding Networking Costs
Understanding Routing
Selecting an Access Mode
Advanced Topics
Startup Scripts
cloud compute
Literal-Value Approach
Local-File Approach
Cloud-Storage Approach
Publicly Available Approach
API Approach
Custom Images
Creating a Custom Image
Using a Custom Image
Metadata Server
Metadata Entries
Project Metadata
Instance Metadata
Data Formats
Default Versus Custom
Project-Level Custom Metadata
Instance-Level Custom Metadata

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Google Cloud Certification Online Training 

Google Cloud online training batch starts at weekend. You can enroll on your flexible timing.
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