Google launches free Machine Learning course for programmers

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Google has launched a new self-study crash course for the practitioners on Machine Learning. The aspiring practitioners can work with a series of real-world case studies, video lectures, and hands-on practice exercises.

Key highlights of the course –

  • The course is of 15 hours that will include all the basics of Machine Learning
  • The course includes 25 lessons and 30+ exercises for the candidates
  • Google researchers have given lectures on the topic in the course
  • The course includes interactive visualizations of algorithms in action
  • It includes real-world case studies for the practitioners

What is covered in the course?

  • How traditional programming is different from Machine Learning
  • How to develop a deep neural network
  • Determining the effectiveness of the Machine Learning models
  • Understanding the representation of the data
  • Working of gradient descent

The course allows practitioners to learn about the fundamentals of the Machine Learning concepts and explore the full libraries of training resources. Interested candidates can start the crash course here.

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