Hadoop admin online training

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Hadoop admin online training

Unit 1: What is Big Data
Need for a different technique for Data StoragePREVIEWNeed for a different paradigm for Data AnalysisThe 3 V’s of Big DataDifferent distributions of Hadoop
Unit 2: The Case for Apache Hadoop
A Brief History of HadoopCore Hadoop ComponentsFundamental ConceptsHadoop Eco-Systems – Overview
Unit 3: The Hadoop Distributed File System
HDFS FeaturesHDFS Design AssumptionsOverview of HDFS ArchitectureWriting and Reading Files
Unit 4: MapReduce
What Is MapReduce?Features of MapReduceBasic MapReduce ConceptsPREVIEWArchitectural OverviewWhat is a Combiner?What is a Practitioner?
Unit 5: An Overview of the Hadoop Ecosystem
What is the Hadoop Ecosystem?Integration ToolsAnalysis ToolsData Storage and Retrieval Tools
Unit 6: Planning your Hadoop Cluster
General planning ConsiderationsChoosing the Right HardwareNetwork ConsiderationsConfiguring Nodes
Unit 7: Hadoop Installation
Deployment TypesInstalling HadoopBasic Configuration ParametersHands-On Exercise on a Pseudo – ClusterHands-On Exercise on a Multi-Node Cluster
Unit 8: Advanced Configuration
Advanced Parameterscore-site.xml parametersmapred-site.xml parametershdfs-site.xml parametersConfiguring Rack Awareness
Unit 9: Hadoop Security
Why Hadoop Security Is ImportantHadoop’ s Security System ConceptsWhat Kerberos Is and How it WorksIntegrating a Secure Cluster with Other Systems
Unit 10: Managing and Scheduling Jobs
Managing Running JobsThe FIFO SchedulerThe Fair SchedulerThe Capacity SchedulerConfiguring the Fair SchedulerEvaluating the different schedulers
Unit 11: Cluster Maintenance
Checking HDFS StatusCopying Data Between ClustersAdding and Removing Cluster NodesRebalancing the ClusterName Node Metadata BackupCluster Upgrading
Unit 12: Cluster Monitoring and Troubleshooting
General System MonitoringManaging Hadoop’s Log FilesUsing the Name Node and Job Tracker Web UIsCluster Monitoring with GangliaCommon Troubleshooting IssuesBenchmarking Your Cluster
Unit 13: Installing and Managing Other Hadoop Projects

Hadoop admin online training

Hadoop Online Training

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