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Hadoop Online Training India USA

Enrollmytraining provide Hadoop online training by real time experts in IT industry .We provide Hadoop online Training in across the World like India,USA, UK, Singapore, UAE, Australia, Europe, Japan, South Africa,Malaysia, Dubai .The student who had taken Hadoop  training got placed in top MNC’s .Student can select regular fast track and weekend batch .We provide Hadoop  online training at your comfortable timing from your home with flexible schedules.

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Hadoop Online Training course content

Understanding Big Data and Hadoop

Big Data, Limitations and Solutions of existing Data Analytics Architecture, Hadoop, Hadoop Features, Hadoop Ecosystem, Hadoop 2.x core components, Hadoop Storage: HDFS, Hadoop Processing: MapReduce Framework, Anatomy of File Write and Read, Rack Awareness.

  1. Hadoop Architecture and HDFS

Hadoop 2.x Cluster Architecture – Federation and High Availability, A Typical Production Hadoop Cluster, Hadoop Cluster Modes, Common Hadoop Shell Commands, Hadoop 2.x Configuration Files, Password-Less SSH, MapReduce Job Execution, Data Loading Techniques: Hadoop Copy Commands, FLUME, SQOOP.

  1. Hadoop MapReduce Framework – I

MapReduce Use Cases, Traditional way Vs MapReduce way, Why MapReduce, Hadoop 2.x MapReduce Architecture, Hadoop 2.x MapReduce Components, YARN MR Application Execution Flow, YARN Workflow, Anatomy of MapReduce Program, Demo on MapReduce.

  1. Hadoop MapReduce Framework – II

Input Splits, Relation between Input Splits and HDFS Blocks, MapReduce Job Submission Flow, Demo of Input Splits, MapReduce: Combiner &Partitioner, Demo on de-identifying Health Care Data set, Demo on Weather Data set.

  1. Advance MapReduce

Counters, Distributed Cache, MRunit, Reduce Join, Custom Input Format, Sequence Input Format.

  1. Pig

About Pig, MapReduce Vs Pig, Pig Use Cases, Programming Structure in Pig, Pig Running Modes, Pig components, Pig Execution, Pig Latin Program, Data Models in Pig, Pig Data Types.

Pig Latin : Relational Operators, File Loaders, Group Operator, COGROUP Operator, Joins and COGROUP, Union, Diagnostic Operators, Pig UDF, Pig Demo on Healthcare Data set.

  1. Hive

Hive Background, Hive Use Case, About Hive, Hive Vs Pig, Hive Architecture and Components, Metastore in Hive, Limitations of Hive, Comparison with Traditional Database, Hive Data Types and Data Models, Partitions and Buckets, Hive Tables(Managed Tables and External Tables), Importing Data, Querying Data, Managing Outputs, Hive Script, Hive UDF, Hive Demo on Healthcare Data set.Advance Hive and HBase

Hive QL: Joining Tables, Dynamic Partitioning, Custom Map/Reduce Scripts, Hive : Thrift Server, User Defined Functions.

HBase: Introduction to NoSQL Databases and HBase, HBase v/s RDBMS, HBase Components, HBase Architecture, HBase Cluster Deployment.

  1. Advance HBase

HBase Data Model, HBase Shell, HBase Client API, Data Loading Techniques, ZooKeeper Data Model, Zookeeper Service, Zookeeper, Demos on Bulk Loading, Getting and Inserting Data, Filters in HBase.

  1. >Oozie

Flume and Sqoop Demo, Oozie, Oozie Components, Oozie Workflow, Scheduling with Oozie, Demo on Oozie Workflow, Oozie Co-ordinator, Oozie Commands, Oozie Web Console.

Hadoop Online Training batch starts at weekend .You can enroll on your flexible timing



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