Happy New Year. Here’s how to revamp your resume and make it a power profile to get noticed in 2022

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Happy New Year. It’s time to re-consider your career goals and this begins with revamping your resume. Accept it, job hunting isn’t about uploading a resume and sitting back. Most recruiters now don’t just see the work highlights mentioned in resumes, rather they see how your skills would make a difference to their firm. Which means that you will have to add industry relevant skills and mention your proficiency as well.

Here’s how to revamp your humble resume into a power profile to make it stand out among the piles of resumes:

Tip #1. Mention your skill expertise upfront
Take industry-recognised skill tests such as TimesJobs Aptitude Test and get your peer ranking on the skills you know. Mention these rakings in your resume upfront on top, so that hiring managers know who you fare in different skills and they can shortlist you right away. Such skill quotients get you noticed among hundreds of other plain resumes.

Tip #2. Keep your resume in one page
Yes, your resume should be a one-pager. If you’re thinking of adding another page, the only reason should be that one page isn’t sufficient to hold your achievements.

Tip #3. It shouldn’t have a photo
Having your photo, your gender or age in the resume doesn’t serve any purpose.

Tip #4. It should be categorised
Achievements should be divided into buckets. Movement of buckets is allowed but follow basic guidelines – don’t put academics at the end, don’t start with extra-curricular achievements.

Tip #5. It should be balanced

Each category should have more or less equal number of achievements to reflect that you are an all-rounder.

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