HCL plans to onboard more freshers than lateral hires this year

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HCL Technologies has announced that it plans to increase freshers’ share in its annual hiring numbers by as much as 70% in the coming years. The company is currently focussing on hiring individuals with new-age skills, as stated by a senior company official.

Last year 40% of the candidates hired by the company were freshers and around 60% of the candidates were lateral hires.

“We want to change this in the next couple of years. We really want to go to 70% freshers and 30% lateral hires,” the company’s chief human resources officer Apparao V.V. said.

“The reason is that most of the skills that are required in the projects that we are winning and executing are new-age skills,” he said.

Most of the skills are related to cybersecurity, digitalisation, IoT as well as Cloud, he added. HCL Technologies is planning to hire 20,000 freshers from across the globe this year. Last year this number stood at around 14,500 freshers.

“The entire technology landscape has changed. We are taking a two-pronged approach… We are training and upskilling our people in the organisation and parallelly getting fresh graduates and training them in what we need,” Mr. Apparao stated.

“They are very flexible. They don’t have any unlearning to do. So anything you give, they learn much faster,” he said.

He revealed that the company is trying to find the most important skills constantly as per the business that is coming their way and encouraging the employees to upskill.

President and CEO C. Vijayakumar stated that the company did not anticipate any major impact due to the second wave of the pandemic. “Whatever impact we saw was in the initial first wave of the pandemic. At this point, we don’t see any significant impact from a client market perspective, but the situation in India definitely is something which is very concerning and we’re trying to do everything to help our employees. We are watching it carefully and how to manage it. It’s something which we are planning on a daily basis,” he said.

Mr. Vijayakumar said that HCL is planning to explore new markets such as Germany, France, Canada, Australia, and Japan, while expanding its footprint in geographies such as Mexico, Brazil, and Spain.

Talking about the HCL’s acquisition strategy, he said, “Right now there is so much demand that we are looking at how to grow organically… that is a higher priority at this time.” “But there could be areas, right opportunities, especially in some new countries where we want to open up, and some of the new capabilities that we want to build… we will open to do that,” he added.

HCL spends around $200 million yearly on R&D as there are many products that go through a major overhaul and are introduced in newer forms by the company.

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