How companies can leverage AI & ML-based online learning to form a digital workforce

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By Sameer Nigam

Managing workforce has been a critical challenge for organisations during the current unusual times, where the outbreak of COVID-19 has halted the physical operations of numerous firms. As remote working became the new normal, it indeed became imperative for organisations to make a steady switch towards technology and adopt digitally enabled, advanced solutions which could promise to ensure efficiency and productivity of each member under the given circumstances. Tools powered by Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML) have been at the forefront, undeniably acting as a saviour for millions of organisations, who would have otherwise failed to operate or even, exist.

Needless to say, the new work ecosystem powered by AI and ML has been offering a plethora of advantages to the enterprises of today by radically transforming the way employees work, learn and communicate. By triggering the productivity levels of the workforce, eliminating all sorts of repetitive tasks, reducing the downtimes of assets and cutting down unnecessary operational costs, proactive deployment of these intelligent technologies has brought about a phenomenal, positive change in today’s modern workplaces.

Also, as the pandemic reinforced the need to create a stronger and more skilled workforce, the focus has been on enhancing the digital capabilities of employees. Upskilling employees have become the need of the hour in order to ensure that they have the requisite skills to perform their challenging jobs. According to a study, nearly 375 million workers globally will need to upskill by 2030.

Multiple new-age organisations have been quick to identify this emerging trend and have started to employ next-gen AI & ML driven tools to conduct various employee education and training programs. Well, talent is the heart and soul of every organisation and it is vital to reshape the existing skills of the workforce from time to time to be able to contribute to an organisation’s evolving culture and requirements.

The author is the CEO of Stratbeans.

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