How to crack an interview at Accenture

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Cracking the interview at the giant is anything but easy. There are so many things that go in and out of the mind of the candidates that end up with not so good results. Accenture is hiring software engineers and if you are planning to crack the interview then it is not essential to be prepared.

Here are the main interview questions that software engineers must know about before sitting in for a technical round at Accenture according to JobBuzz.

1. What Is the difference between JDK, JRE and JVM?

2. What is the difference between the TCP/IP and UDP socket?

3. What is the classpath of a plug-in?

4. What about the Cache memory and its usage?

5. What is the difference between fat & NTFS

6. What are the data units at different layers of the TCP / IP protocol suite?

7. What is the default isolation level of the SQL server database?

8. What is the approximate size of a data warehouse?

9. How about the architecture of SAP SCM 4.1?

10. Which data dictionary view would you query to see the free extents in a tablespace?

11. What are the differences between the data stages 7.0 and 7.5in server jobs?

12. What is your approach or how do you start Testing a Web application?

13. What is the Role of TCP/IP in data transmission from source to destination?

14. What is the difference between TD and QC?

15. Why call the subtended angle a “pixel”, instead of something else (e.g. “subangle”)?

16. What are the steps you will take if you are tasked with securing an SQL Server?

17. Why did the kernel panic error occur?

18. What is the difference between RD and RT?

19. What are the advantages of SOAP?

20. What is ERP Testing?

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