IIT Kanpur launches new courses in statistics & data science

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The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur has introduced new courses in Statistics and Data Science under the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Admission to this course will be held through JEE exams.

“Students admitted to this program, like any other four-year Bachelor’s program offered by the Institute will have the option to earn a Master’s degree in ‘Statistics and Data Science’ by spending one more year over and above the Bachelor’s program ( 4+1 years),” the institute has said in a press release.

This new BS course will be in addition to the few existing programs offered by the Department: Four-year BS program in Mathematics and Scientific Computing; Two-year MSc program in Mathematics; Two-year MSc program in Statistics, PhD in Mathematics, PhD in Statistics.

“Students graduating with a degree in Statistics and Data Science will not only be well suited to build flourishing careers in analytics and the new entrepreneurial India, but also to pursue higher studies in classical and modern Statistics, and Data Science,” IIT Kanpur has said.

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