IndiaMART moves to a weekly salary pay regime

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Online marketplace IndiaMART announced its move to a weekly salary pay disbursement regime. This will help to enrich their employees with stability, purpose and growth.

The company release mentioned it as a move to make it easier for employees to meet their real-time fiscal obligations.

“Not to mention how the excitement of the payday increases fourfold with the weekly payout, making

employees more satisfied, happier, and, consequently, more motivated towards their purpose in the

organisation. Weekly Payout System, goes a big way in helping employees alleviate their financial

hardships and regain control of their lives – positioning them for success in every aspect,” said the release.

Dinesh Gulati, COO of IndiaMart said, “Amidst the rapidly evolving Flexi work culture, instant gratification

is what every employee expects. We believe weekly payouts will be appreciated by one and all across

the organisation. We had started taking steps in this direction many years back when we migrated to

weekly incentive payouts for many roles across the organisations.”

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