Infosys to hire for COO role from within the organisation

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Infosys is planning to hire a candidate from within the organisation to take over the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) after the retirement of Pravin Rao, COO, in December. Along with Infosys, another top Indian IT service provider – Wipro’s COO Bhanumurthy B M will leave the company in the first fiscal quarter but the company is not planning to replace him.

Chief Executive of Infosys, Salil Parekh said that the company is opening the position for external and internal employees to make a careful decision that can be effective for the role and a fit as a replacement for Praveen.

On the other hand, Wipro elevated Sanjeev Singh as COO from January 1 and is working on the two global business lines and four strategic market units. The structure includes 24+ leaders with service lines, seven strategic business units, and nine geographies.

Wipro CEO, Thierry Delaporte said that Sanjeev Singh, head of operations is doing a great job and hence the company will fill up the key roles with effective people.

The business model determines the COOs importance in the organisation that is focused on geography-based options and will report to the CEO directly along with more leaders.

In the currency situation, the COO is a vital part of the Indian IT companies that can oversee the delivery and execution of the process for rapid decision making.

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