Kochi-based SaaS startup SurveySparrow to pay Rs 50,000 joining bonus for woman candidates

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In a unique hiring initiative on the occasion of Women’s Day, Kochi-based SaaS startup SurveySparrow announced on Monday a joining bonus of Rs 50,000 to women techies applying for product development, quality assurance and technical writer roles on or before March 15 and ready to join the firm by April 15.

The company said the openings are based out of Kochi and the number of vacancies is up to 50 positions.

“SurveySparrow, from the beginning, has always tried to bridge the gender gap. We hope with this initiative, we will make it to at least 50:50 ratio, from the current 30:70 female to male ratio we are at,” Shihab Muhammed, founder & CEO, SurveySparrow, said. Among other initiatives, the startup said it equipped employees to work from home by giving free furniture and paid their internet bills during the lockdown in addition to announcing up to a 30% hike.Ending the year by crossing 50,000 customers and 100 employees, SurveySparrow said it plans to double its workforce this year.

In addition to the joining bonus announcement, the startup is also launching a virtual hackathon, HackerFlow, where the best all-women team is said to get a special prize while the overall winner takes home Rs 1,00,000.

Source: TNN

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