kubernetes online training

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kubernetes online training

Kubernetes architecture is an open source, container orchestration system. In other words, it allows you to build containers in Linux systems that automate and control tasks. Developers rely on these containers to implement tasks, but managing the lifecycle of the container requires some kind of orchestration system.

kubernetes online training

Kubernetes Sylabus
Introduction of Kubernetes

What is Kubernetes?
Features and Benefit of Kubernetes
Architecture of Kubernetes
Container orchestration
Concept of Kubernetes – Cluster, Node, Master, Service
Kubernetes Components – Master , Nodes
Pods, Minikube, Kubeadm
API Server, Kubelet, Kubeproxy. Kubectl Utility
Environment Setup and Configuration

Creating the Cluster
Initializing the master
pod network
Scaling containers
Forwarding container ports
High Availability

Concept of High-availability
Create Cluster with high availability
Clustering etcd
DNS discovery
Running redundant API
Rolling upgrades
Running Code in Kubernetes

Container registries
Setup Container
Dockerfile commands
Building and Running the container
Port forwarding
Container LifeCycles

pod LifeCycle
Snapshot of the current state
Liveness probe
Initialization containers
Handling Shutdown


kubernetes online training

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