Mind games 101: 5 Psychological tricks to impress hiring managers

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In every technical job interview, an applicant tries to create the best impressions of his hard skills in front of the hiring manager. Also, when it’s the first job interview, it becomes more important to carry the right kind of attitude as well. Candidates’ expression, gestures, body language, dressing style, and how one answers questions have a much more significant impact on the interviewer. This will decide on whether you’ll be hired or not but there are also few psychological tricks that can help you to crack a job interview.

Make eye contact and be confident

This is the first step that no one should ignore because when you come off as confident, authentic, passionate, comfortable, and enthusiastic, interviewers are more likely to hire you and it increases your chances of getting selected. Therefore, when your interviewer comes to greet you, look them in the eye.

Observe interviewer’s body language

To appear more likable, trustworthy, and empathetic is by mirroring your interviewer. It happens when you match another person’s expressions of non-verbal communication, like body language, gestures, vocal pitch, etc. Also, you must try to keep it very subtle, otherwise it can have adverse effects.

Listen and speak expressively

You must listen to the interviewer carefully and try to understand what a person is saying, and then frame your response. However, nervousness and fidgeting are natural expressions in between an interview but by speaking expressively with modulation in pitch and volume will enhance the impression of your intelligence.

Think before you ask for a salary

When the subject of pay finally comes around, it is the time to encounter an irrelevant number for asking a million-dollar salary because the hiring manager may not give you the same amount but it can increase your offer by more than 10%.

Be candid about your weaknesses

When answering the question “Can you list some of your weaknesses?” – your intent needs to be a bit diplomatic. Hence, you must prepare for a strategic response that really emphasizes your strengths. For example, you can respond to the interviewer by saying, “I take my tasks seriously because I’m such a perfectionist” or “I work too hard.”

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