Myntra initiates ‘Unlimited Wellness Leaves’ to improve mental wellbeing of employees

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Myntra, an Indian fashion e-commerce company headquartered in Bengaluru, has enhanced certain privileges on leaves to the physical and mental wellbeing of employees. This revised policy will help them in improving work-life balance and quality of life. Now, employees at Myntra have an opportunity to avail themselves with 24 days leave, to care for family members in need and to travel and spend quality time with them.

According to Myntra’s ‘Unlimited Wellness Leaves’ policy, employees can take unlimited leaves and an additional host of other leave options. This initiative will help its workforce to enjoy the best of both, work and personal life. Under this new revised policy, employees can take time off to take care of their well-being, metal health, and other issues without worrying about leave balance.

Myntra has also introduced 14 days of Care Leaves for those who have young kids/infants and older parents when they fall sick or need assistance. As the company believes in being empathetic to the family needs of its employees, the revised policy enhancement comes in the form of a renewed employee leave structure.

These leaves are designed to correspond strongly with the organisation’s people culture, which is based on care and empathy. In addition to this, wedding leaves now allow for 5 days off, including for those solemnised outside the country, same-sex partner marriages, and civil unions, as Myntra is proud to champion the cause of LGBTQIA+ and this is an important step in this direction.

Amar Nagaram, CEO, Myntra, said, “At Myntra, care and empathy are the guiding principles that shape our people’s practices and policies. Our culture is a true reflection of the dedication and commitment of our employees. It has been our constant endeavour to extend optimal support for the well-being of employees in a holistic way. This step will be yet another pillar of strength, enhancing the scope for employees to take care of their priorities at work and beyond, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.”

If we talk about other leaves of the employees at Myntra, including parental (maternity and paternity), adoption leaves (even LGBT couples), surrogacy leaves, pet adoption leave (pawternity), sabbatical, and others, they will continue as per the company’s existing leave policy structure.

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