PERL Online Training

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PERL  Online Training Course Concepts : Perl Overview 1.PERL history 2.Running Perl scripts 3.Data types 4.Basic concepts (assignment, comments 5.Standard I/O, print) Scalar Data types 1.Numbers and strings 2.Literals and variables 3.Numeric functions Interpolation 4.String functions Flow Control 1.Conditional statements 2.Relational and logical operators 3.Control loops Arrays 1.Variables 2.Creation, Assignment and access 3.Built –in array functions Hashes (Associative Arrays) 1.Variables, creation, assignment and access 2.Access 3.Hashes as arrays 4.Build in Hash Functions Subroutines 1.Basic I/O (STDIN, STDOUT, STDERR) 2.Files handle and file handling 3.Error handling 4.Directory Processing 5.System Processing Management Regular expression 1.Pattern matching 2.Templates 3.Wildcards and character classes 4.Recovering previous matches 5.Recovering previous matches User Defined Functions 1.Using and creating Functions 2.Arguments and Return values 3.Scooping 4.Prototypes  PERL Online Training batch starts at weekend .You can enroll on your flexible timing]]>

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