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PHP Online Training

Enrollmytraining provide PHP  online training by real time experts in IT industry .We provide PHP online Training in across the World like India,USA, UK, Singapore, UAE, Australia, Europe, Japan, South Africa,Malaysia, Dubai .The student who had taken PHP training got placed in top MNC’s .Student can select regular fast track and weekend batch. We provide PHP  online training at your comfortable timing from your home with flexible schedules.

PHP Online Training course content

Introduction to PHP
Why PHP is called Server Side Scripting Language
Setting up AMP stack with Apache, MYSQL and PHP
Setting up web server either with wamp, xampp or mamp
Learning Basics of server configuration with php.ini and httpd.conf
Why to use PHP?
Scenario of web development with comparison with PHP and other server side scripting language
PHP Basics:

Introduction to Variables
Understanding and working with Data Types
Categorization of Data Types
Introduction to Operators
Types Of Operators with suitable examples
Types of Errors
Looping and Conditional Statements:

Why to Use Conditional statements with suitable examples
Types of Conditional Statements
Simple if, Nested if with suitable examples
Switch statement
Understanding go to and break statement
Looping statement —Why to use?
For, while and do while statement with suitable examples
Programming practice illustrating looping and conditional statements
Functions in PHP

Use of function
Types of functions
Auto loading functions
Function with parameters
Function without parameters
String and Patterns

Understanding string and patterns
Comparing strings
Extracting substrings
Determining the length of strings
Case Sensitive string comparison
Arrays in PHP

Why to use Array?
Understanding Arrays in Depth
Array and Memory allocation
Types of Array with examples
Numeric key Array
Associative key Array
Single Dimensional and Multi Dimensional Array
Mixed Arrays
Importance of Array in developing real world applications
Session and Cookies

Understanding Session and Cookies
Setting Cookies
Reading Cookies
Expiration of Cookies
Creating session
Assigning data to Session Variables
Reading From Session Variables
Destroying Session and Session Data
Understanding HTTP Verbs and Methods

PUT Method
GET Method
POST Method
Form Handling with these Methods
Creating a form with different form inputs
Creating form mark up with HTML5 attributes
Database Programming in PHP

Introduction to Database and tables, database objects
Database Management System
Relational Database management System Vs Database Management System
Introduction to MySQL
Entity and Attributes
Features of MySQL
Data Types in MySQL
Introduction to Query

PHP Online Training batch starts at weekend .You can enroll on your flexible timing