sap hci interview questions

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sap hci interview questions
Q) How to configure the cloud integration content?
Ans) A user who is authorized for using cloud integration content features on SAP Process Orchestration gets SAP Cloud Platform Integration tenant along with an access to its web tool. Inside the discovery area of the web UI, The user can browse and copy the integration content packages provided by SAP and partners in the customer’s workspace. Whereas in the design area, the content can be modified or configured. Q) What are the licence required in order to use SAP Cloud Platform Integration feature? Ans) User having a license for either SAP Process Orchestration or SAP Process Orchestration edge edition premier option are authorized to get access to SAP Cloud Platform Integration web tool.
Q) Do we need to migrate to SAP Process Orchestration in order to use the cloud integration content capability?
Ans) No you don’t need to migrate to SAP Process Orchestration in order to use the cloud integration content capability. Although a SAP Process Orchestration license is required, from the installation of cloud integration content capability. The cloud integration content capability is supported on the following installation types: Advanced Adapter Engine Advanced Adapter Engine Extended SAP Process Orchestration SAP Process Integration Dual Usage Type However SAP NetWeaver release 7.5 is the minimum release requirement
Q) When should we use the cloud integration content runtime versus the PI messaging runtime on SAP Process Orchestration?
Ans) The new cloud integration content component support two messaging runtime engines on SAP Process Orchestration. The new cloud integration content runtime does not replace the existing PI messaging runtime, it actually complements the same. Although if there is overlapping, the following rule of thumb applies: Use the PI messaging system for Application-to-Application (A2A) Business-to-Business (B2B), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Any to any on-premise integration scenarios When SAP provides PI content in order to integrate SAP on-premise systems, Scenarios involving Business Process Management (BPM) for both integration-centric processes as well as human-centric processes, etc. Generally, it is recommended to use cloud integration content for hybrid integration scenarios i.e., on-premise to cloud integration scenario and in particular for the standard cloud integration content that SAP provides and which is supported on SAP Process Orchestration, accessible from the content catalog. The decision which runtime to use also depends on the feature scope of each runtime.
Q) Can we run the content on the tenant provided in the cloud?
Ans) No we cannot run the content on the tenant provided in the cloud unless you have licensed SAP Cloud Platform Integration. But in this case, SAP must have provided you with an SAP Cloud Platform Integration tenant with full integration platform capabilities including design, runtime nodes, and monitoring. Noe in the case of cloud integration content on SAP Process Orchestration, the provided tenant does not come with any runtime node or any monitoring page that you can access. In only give you the web tool in order to configure your cloud integration content. You can run and monitor the cloud integration content on SAP Process Orchestration.
Q) Does the cloud integration content have the same capabilities like SAP Cloud Platform Integration?
Ans) SAP Cloud Platform Integration is more frequently updated as compared to SAP Process Orchestration. The SAP Cloud Platform Integration gets new features every 4 weeks and the support package stack (SPS) schedule for release 7.5 is currently every quarter, Also when the new features are shipped on SAP Cloud Platform Integration they first need to be ported to SAP Process Orchestration and validated before being released. Therefore there is alway some delay of that SAP Cloud Platform Integration features being available on SAP Process Orchestration.
Q) Deploying cloud integration content or security artifacts on SAP Process Orchestration fails due to missing virus scanner?
Ans) The virus scanner is activated by default cloud integration content or security artifacts on SAP Process Orchestration. Therefore in order to avoid this issue please please either set up virus scanner or disable the same. If there is any issue which component we need to assign the incident ticket to? For deployment, related issues please select component BC-XI-IGW-DEP For runtime related issues please assign the component BC-XI-IGW-RT.
Q) How can we get access to the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Web UI in order configure the cloud integration packages?
Ans) Following procedure is needed to be followed in order to access to the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Web UI for cloud integration packages configuration: A customer who a licence for SAP Process Orchestration needs to approach its Account Executive for requesting access to SAP Cloud Platform Integration web tool. Now the Account Executive will create a quote for SAP Cloud Platform Integration web tool by using the material number “XXXXXX SAP HANA Cloud Integration Web Tool”This material should be the only Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) in the quote. As a licenced SAP Process Orchestration customer, you are entitled to receive the license material number XXXXX free of cost. Now a cloud contract will be sent to the user once the quote goes through internal approvals. Now the customer needs to sign the contract either electronically via DocuSign or manually in paper form. Once the user signs the tenant provisioning process will be triggered at SAP Cloud Operations.

sap hci interview questions

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