Scrum online training

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Scrum online training
Our complete line up of Scrum training includes: The core values and goals Scrum A breakdown of the major roles in scrum including the Product owner,
Scrum team, and ScrumMaster Sprint planning including running the sprint planning meeting,
understanding story types, understanding capacity, identifying sprint tasks, using sprint buffering, and creating a sprint planning checklist Scrum reviews including product owner acceptance, sprint reviews and retrospectives,
key questions to identify what works, what didn’t,
and who will implement the improvements Best practices for sprints including making sprints visible, identifying work to accomplish between daily meetings,
running the meeting, and working the backlog Daily scrum and sprint review meetings Sprint retrospectives Release planning including the product backlog, prioritization,
integration, and the core outputs and reporting in release planning The product backlog, the sprint backlog, and the product increment Product vision/initiatives, roadmap, release plan, burn down baseline, team velocity chart,
product backlog, user stories in sprint planning, acceptance criteria, sprint goals and backlogs,
sprint reviews, and daily tasks and scrums, Release backlog and burndown and sprint burndown Waste and obstacle removal
Scrum online training
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