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servicenow interview questions

ServiceNow Interview Questions:
If you are looking for ServiceNow interview questions and answers, and get more confidence to crack interviews by reading these questions and answers we will update more and more latest questions for you…

There are a number of opportunities from many companies in the world. According to research, ServiceNow has a market share of about 0.7%. So, You still have a chance to move ahead in your career in ServiceNow. ITCourCes offers advanced ServiceNow Interview Questions 2020 that help you in cracking your interview & acquire a dream career as a ServiceNow Developer.

What is ServiceNow Technology?
It is a cloud-based IT Service Management tool. ServiceNow gives a solitary plan of record for activities, IT administrations, and business administration via computerizing IT benefit applications and procedures. All modules of IT Services can live in the ServiceNow biological system of modules, and in this manner, it gives us a total perspective of assets and administrations.

2. What is an ‘Application’ in ServiceNow?
Applications in ServiceNow speak to bundled answers for conveying administrations and managing business processes. In simple words, it is a group of modules that provide information related to those modules. For example, an Incident application will provide information related to the Incident Management process.

3. Difference Between ServiceNow & Salesforce?

ServiceNow vs Salesforce




Platforms Supported

Web-based, iPhone & Android app

Web-based, Windows phone app

Typical Customers

Enterprise & Mid-size business Customers

Enterprise, Small & MId-size business Customers


Phone & Online Support, Knowledgebase, Video tutorials

Phone & Online Support, Knowledgebase, Video tutorials


OpsGenie, PagerDuty, Workato

MailChimp, Trello


No CSA, CCM Certification

CSA, CCM Certification


No encryption i.e sensitive information which is at rest

Encryption of sensitive data at rest

Access Control

No multifactor in the authentication process

Multi-factor in the authentication process

Data Policy

No data backup in multiple locations

Data backup in multiple locations

What is the life cycle of Change Request?
Initiating Changes

Assessing Changes

Documenting Changes

Assigning Changes

Scheduling Changes

Submit Changes

Implementing Changes

Change Review

5. What is the full form of CMDB and explain about CMDB?
CMDB stands for Configuration Management Database. CMDB is a repository. It acts as a data warehouse for IT installations. It holds data related to a collection of Information Technology assets, and descriptive relationships between such assets.

6. What is LDAP Integration and its use?
LDAP is the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. You can utilize it for user user authentication and data population. ServiceNow integrates with the LDAP directory to streamline the user login process and to automate the creation of users and assigning them roles.

7. What do you mean by data lookup and record matching?
Data lookup and record matching feature assists to set a field value based on some constraints instead of writing scripts.

For example:

On Incident forms, the priority lookup rules test information automatically. Then, set the incident Priority dependent on the incident Impact and Urgency esteems. Data lookup rules allow users to specify the conditions and fields where they want data lookup to occur.

8. What is a CMDB Baseline?
CMDB Baseline will help you understand and control the modification made to a configuration Item(CI). These Baselines act as a snapshot of a CI.

9. How to enable or disable an application in ServiceNow?
Following steps will help you do the same:

Navigate to “Application Menus” module
Open the respective application.
Set value to ‘false’ to disable it. Set it for active as ‘true’ to enable it.
10. What is a view?
A view defines the arrangement of fields on a form or a list. For one single form, we can define multiple views according to the user requirements or preferences.

11. What is the ACL?
An ACL is an access control list that defines what data users can access and how they can access it in ServiceNow.

12. What is impersonating a user? How is it useful?
Impersonating a user means providing the administrator access to what the user would have access to. This includes the same menus and modules. This feature helps in testing. You can imitate that client and can test as opposed to logging out from your meeting and logging again with the user credentials.

What Is A Record Producer?
A record producer is a type of a catalog item that permits users to make task-based records from the service catalog. For example, you can create a change record or problem record using a record producer. Record producers provide an alternative way to create records through the service catalog.

What Is a Dictionary Override?
Dictionary Overrides provides the capability to override many numbers of properties of a field in an extended table. For example, a change table is extended from the task table. There is a field named status in the task table and set as read-only. We can arrange this to non-read only by utilizing the dictionary override. Similarly, there are other properties that can be set for the fields in an extended table.
15. What do you mean by coalesce?
Coalesce is a field that we use in transform map field mapping. On the off chance that a field coordinate is found with the mix field, at that point the current record will be refreshed with the imported data in the target table else another record will be embedded into the objective table.

16. What is a UI policy?
UI policies are alternative to client scripts. It can be utilized to set a field as read-only, mandatory, and visible on a form. You can also use UI policy for changing a field on a form.

17. What is a data policy?
Data policy checks the read-only and mandatory of a field whenever a record is updated or inserted through an import set or web-service.

18. What is the difference between UI policy and data policy?
UI policy acts when a record is refreshed or embedded through a ServiceNow UI i.e ServiceNow structures while information strategy acts at whatever point a record is embedded or refreshed into the database through any methods.

19. What is a client script?
Client script sits on the client-side and run there only. types of client script are OnSubmit() OnChange() OnLoad() OncellEdit)

20. How can you cancel a form submission through the client script?
In the onSubmit function return false. function onSubmit() {

return false;


21. What is a business rule?
A business rule is server-side scripting that runs whenever a record is inserted, deleted, updated, displayed, or queried. The main thing to keep in mind while making a business rule is that when and on what action it has to execute.

22 Can you call a business rule through a client script.
Yes you can call a business rule through a client script by utilizing glideajax

23. What is a glide record?
Gliderecord is a java class that is used for databases instead of writing SQL queries.

The incident problem tables inherit which table.
Task table.

Give an example of a one to many relationships.
sys_user table pointing to the assigned_to field in Task table

When you customize a homepage, SNC makes a copy of it and ________
adds the prefix “My” to the homepage name.

Which of the following is true?
When a user is associated with more than one group, each group provides him access.

______ receives notification, meeting invites on behalf of another user.

What is SSO?
Single- Sign-On

How do you edit/ create a workflow?
Graphical Workflow Editor

What is the purpose of a service catalog workflow?
to create workflows to drive request fulfillment.

What is the important factor to remember when a user is creating a catalog variable?
Catalog Variables are global by default.

What is the purpose of an updated set?
An updated set is a group of customization that can be moved from one instance to another.

How can you change the number prefix from “INC” to “IN” for the incident table?
system defnanumber maintenance table(sys_number)

Which setting allows the user to view knowledge articles without logging in?
ESS Role b. Public Setting c. View All Setting d. View all Role

Which of the following defines a condition?
Field, Operator, Value

Which of the following is true regarding roles?
Roles can contain other roles.

Which is true regarding Knowledge Base?
In a Knowledge Base, articles are grouped to categories.

How can you view the dictionary for a field?
Right click on the field and then click Personalize Dictionary.

Which among the following is true regarding ACLs?
If there are row and field ACLs, the user has to satisfy both to have access to the field.

What is a Data Dictionary?
It contains information about a field’s dependency, character limit, data type, default value, and other attributes.

How do you know which release version of Service Now you are working on?
Go to System Diagnostics then click Stats and check the Build name.

How do you change the color of the instance?
Using Navigation Menu under Content Management.

When a user creates a table “abc”, how does the service now name it?

Which among the following is true regarding tables?
You can remove the tables starting with “u_” permanently.

Which of the following influences homepage performance.
Set it “off” or set refresh time as a long one.

What does the order field in the service catalog do?
It shows the catalog item in the ascending order of this value.

What does the “coalesce” field do?
Coalescing on a field (or set of fields) me the field will be used as a unique key.

What does a trform map do?
A trform map is a lot of field maps that decide the connections between fields in an import set and fields in a current ServiceNow table (such as Users or Incidents).

How is the application Navigator (left nav) populated onload.
It is populated based on the role of the logged-in user.

Difference between client script and business rule..
Client script runs at client-side onLoad, onchange, and onSUbmit of the form, BR runs at server-side before/after a record is inserted, updated, or deleted.

onChange client script runs on
Change in the value of a particular field

Links, buttons, context menu action belongs to
UI action

Which among the following can a UI policy accomplish?
Making a field read-only

Which among the following is true:-
Moving a section from Selected to Available slush can expel it from the form.

How do you confirm an instance upgrade?
System Logs then click on events then system. upgraded, use this event to trigger the System Upgraded notification.

What are the variables that you can add when you create a catalog item?
Options contained the combinations of following fields:

Slush bucket, additional category, multiple choices, single-line text, choice list, multi-line text, checkbox.

What Is The Use Of ServiceNow Change Management Application?
The ServiceNow® Change Management application gives a methodical way to deal with control of the existence pattern of all things considered, encouraging valuable changes to be made with least disturbance to IT benefits.

What is a transform Map?
A transform map changes the record imported into the ServiceNow import set table to the objective table.

What do you mean by Foreign record insert?
A foreign record insert occurs when an import rolls out an improvement to a table that is not the objective table for that import.

Which searching technique is used to search a text or record in ServiceNow?
Zing is the text indexing and search engine that performs all text search queries in ServiceNow.

What does the Client Transaction Timings plugin do?
The Client Transaction Timings module upgrades the framework logs by giving more data on the length of exchanges between the customer and the server.

What is an inactivity monitor?
An inactivity monitor triggers an occasion for an undertaking record if the assignment has been inert for a specific timeframe. If the task remains inactive, the monitor repeats at ordinary intervals.

What is domain separation?
Domain separation is a path to separate information into logically-defined domains.

For example, A client XYZ has two businesses and they are using ServiceNow single instance for both businesses. They do not want that user’s from one business can see data from other businesses.

How can you remove the Remember me checkbox from the login page?
You can set the property – “glide.ui.forgetme” to fact to delete the Remember me checkbox from the login page.

What is HTML Sanitizer?
The HTML sanitizer will remain active for all instances initiating with the Eureka release.

What are Gauges?
A gauge can be based on a report and can be put on a content page or a homepage.

What do you mean by Metrics in ServiceNow?
Metrics measure and record the workflow of individual records. With metrics, users can arm their process by providing tangible figures.

How many types of searches are available in ServiceNow?
Lists: find records in a list;
Global text search:
Knowledgebase: find knowledge articles.
Navigation filter
Search screens: use a form­like interface to find records in a table. Administrators can create these custom modules.
What is the BSM Map?
BSM Map is a Business Service Management map.

In which table update sets and customization are stored?
Each and every update set is capitalized in the Update Set [sys_update_set] table, and the customizations that are linked with the update set are stored in [sys_update_xml] table.

What happens if a Default update set is marked as complete?
In any case, the default update set is marked as complete then the system creates an alternate update named Default1 & uses it to update set.

Do Homepages and Content pages are added to the update sets?
Content pages and Homepages are not added to update sets by default. You should manually add pages to the present update set by unloading them.

What is a Reference qualifier?
Reference qualifiers are utilized to restrict the data that is selectable for a particular field.

What is Performance Analytics in ServiceNow?
Performance Analytics is an additional application in ServiceNow that helps users to take a snapshot of information at regular intervals

What Is the Difference Between Ui Policy And Data Policy?
Ui Policy acts when a record is embedded or refreshed through a ServiceNow UI i.e ServiceNow structures while information strategy acts at whatever point a record is embedded or refreshed into the database through any methods.

What Do You Mean By Coalesce?
Coalesce is a module of a field that we use in change map field mapping.

What steps will you take to load data from a spreadsheet?
load data, create transform map, transform

As an end-user which modules of service catalog do you see?
My requests, Requested Item

What does RITM stand for?
Requested Item

for an incident form when saved
work notes get copied to an activity log

Which one on the homepage will access knowledge?

Applications and modules are loaded based on

Knowledge process consists of –
document creation, review and approval from SMEs and publishing

Gauge is added to

What is the difference between Save & Insert action on a form
Save saves the record & stays on a form, while Insert creates a new record & redirects to list view.

If an administrator needs to check the status of the errand from an assistance index demand, what way he’s required to follow
REQ (number)>>RITM (number)>>TASK (number)

How the catalog variables can be arranged on a catalog item
By setting the appropriate value of field ‘Order’.

What do you mean by SaaS?
Software as a Service

Service catalog displays?
catalog items, order guides and record producer

ACL evaluates on below….
condition/script and roles

How do you enhance Homepage performance in the case of gauges?
To diagnose problems and improve administrators, homepage performance can:

Turn on homepage debugging
Troubleshoot slow reports
Parallel homepage rendering
Homepage caching
Shortcut to approve a Service Request?
My request or Email

How do you modify the field behavior?
Right click> Personalize > Dictionary

What do you mean by Elevated Privileges?

What things are tracked in customizations?
The update_synch attribute on the table

Manual unloading for homepages

However, if you examine the service catalog by keeping orders, the orders (requests, catalog tasks, items) are not tracked by update sets.

Where are customizations stored?
Each and every update set is capitalized in the Update Set [sys_update_set] table, and the customizations
KB articles are referred to in which modules below?
Service Catalog, News, INC.

What changes out of below would be applied in case of a merge update set?
You can combine multiple update sets into 1 for easy transfer.

To merge update sets:

Move to System Update Sets then -> Merge Update Sets.

Use the slush bucket to select the update sets to merge.

Enter a name for the new update set.

Click Merge selected.

You may want to test that the accurate changes were moved to the new set by seeing the update set.

DB name for a custom table?

Which is the parent table for INC, CHG, PRB?

SLA, OLA, and UC are configured in which module?

When a high security plugin is enabled?
Combinations into ServiceNow tables bomb except if get to control records (ACL) are characterized for the tables being gotten to and the suitable jobs are relegated.

The equivalent ACL necessities apply for import sets that apply to reconciliations.

The Platform Security Settings – High module naturally enacts the Contextual Security module on the off chance that it isn’t as of now dynamic. Likewise, the Platform Security Settings – High module conveys the accompanying settings and highlights with regards to expanding the security of your

Administration Now stage.


High-Security Settings: Default property estimations to solidify security on your foundation by bringing together all basic security settings to one area for the executives and examining.

Default Deny Property: A new security manager property manages the default security for table access.

Security Administrator Role: A new role used to prevent change of key security settings and resources.

Access Control Lists: Prevents changing of sensitive and platform-level resources in first versions.

Elevated Privilege: Allows users to operate in the context of a normal user and elevate to a higher security role when needed.

Traction and system logs read-only.

Workflow editor and Service catalog differ in approval methodology?

Icon of reference?
icon ()

Application Navigation Search history is stored somewhere or not?

Upgrade of instance, which is true?
As an ServiceNow Admin, you will manually do it

It happens once in a year at 8 pm

Customization lost?

Data Dictionary used for?
Database Structure

How to change Homepage Color?
ESS can access-
My Items, My requests, KB

ACL applies on?
Fields and tables

Contextual Security-Question on hierarchy
Generic to specific

114. What does the setWorkflow(e) function do?
setWorkflow(e) disables or enables the executing of business rules that might normally be triggered by subsequent actions.


e – A boolean variable that if true (default) enables business rules, and if false to disables them.

115. What does the setForceUpdate() function do?
setForceUpdate() updates the record even if there are no changes on the record.

116. What is the significance of the setLimit(n) function?
setLimit(n) function constrains the quantity of records to question by Gliderecord().

117. Can you update a record without updating its system fields(like sys_updated_by, sys_updated_on)?
Truly, you can do it by utilizing the capacity autoSysFields(). At whatever point you are refreshing a record, set the autoSysFields() to bogus.

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