Simple tips to get better of daily work stress

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By Madhav Mani

With Covid-19 hitting us, every modern day theory of how we live, work, has literally gone flying out the window. The pandemic has given birth to a 24×7 culture, where the lines between logging in and out are blurred. With digital connectivity being at an all-time high, many find it almost impossible to switch off. This has also led to increased amounts of stress amongst people who are juggling office work, household chores, and also taking care of family members. Stress can be debilitating, eroding our ability to learn, focus, or concentrate as it interferes with our thinking.

So what are some of the ways in which you can get the better of stress, rather than allowing it to impact both your physical and psychological health:

Emotion Management

Managing emotions in the time of uncertainty is important and becomes imperative for us to function productively in our personal and professional lives. We need to begin with understanding our own emotions, stress triggers, how to pivot from them and negative self-talk is an absolute no-no. If you feel a stress trigger, reframe your mind with positive thoughts, pleasant memories of wins, upping good energies. Additionally, also understand the emotional space others are in.

Find Passion and Purpose

We have become used to spending our days glued to a screen – the worst thing we can do to ourselves. In fact, this pandemic has spurred many to introspect and question this way of life, and walk paths hitherto unexplored – starting an enterprise, baking, cooking, craft, physical fitness, writing, becoming a digital nomad, or just zoning out with some ‘me-time’. Passion and Purpose pretty much became buzzwords not only among Gen Y or Z, but the silver citizens too as they realized the joys of disconnecting from the digital/mental chaos.

Get those limbs and grey cells moving

Mental health is as important as physical health so keeping active – walking, Sudoku, crosswords, dancing, exercising, meditation, running, yoga – boosts our immune systems, and reduces stress. Evolved companies have set up employee engagement programs and doctors on-call facilities, even as employees try carving out some ‘me time’ from their busy calendars. Prolonged stress can manifest as physical ailments, and even cause breakdowns. There is absolutely no shame in seeking professional help if it gets too chaotic to manage – much like you’d reach out to a doctor if you had any physical ailments.

Get the right nutrients in

The body is the first to rebel if it isn’t fed right and junk food is almost like a hypnotic addiction. Staying healthy is especially critical during this time and luckily for us, there is so much healthy and yummy food that all it takes is a few taps, and Viola! enjoy tasty and nutritious meals.

If there is anything this pandemic has taught me, it’s that we are all in this together, and while we may each have our own individual set of challenges, each one of us will make it to the other side much stronger for it, if we do it together. I’ve learnt that solving problems together shrinks it and helps make it of manageable proportions. So, ask for help when needed, join forces with family/friends/colleagues and have each other’s backs.

So let’s all do this, together!

The author is the President HR at Usha International.

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