Tally Solutions, Chief People Officer, gave some interesting tips to the professionals

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The year 2020 evolved the way companies used to hire and it is becoming essential for job seekers and professionals to be aware of the upcoming trends. Not only this, but one must know the major tricks and tips that can help them grow in their career.

TimesJobs invites Mr Chetan Yadav, Chief People Officer of – Tally Solutions to discuss “How to grow in your career in 2021”.

Sudhashree: Will Work from Home continue in 2021? How does one go about to grow in the career ladder given recession/ Salary-cuts and work from the home scenario?

Mr Chetan: The current level of work from home is due to the pandemic. If the downtrend of several cases continues, we should see more offices reopening. But the mindset change from this pandemic will mean that in the long term even Post COVID, we will see more work from home than Pre Covid. On how one goes about to grow in the career ladder in the current situation, the magic bullet to solve it is to focus on self Learning and Development. Focusing on the skills needed for your current role first (and then the next level if your focus is on growing in the career ladder), will equip you to do your work better and grow in your current job. If the overall changes in the economy hit your company and your job, it will help you with future opportunities elsewhere too. Also in the current situation, many businesses are making drastic changes to what they do and how they do it. In such a scenario, employees willing to learn and help the organisation move in line with the new direction, are an asset.

Sweta Kapoor: Hi Sir, COVID-19 has evolved the way recruiters used to hire and now we are following a bit different set of rules in terms of job roles and skills. What advice will you give to the job seekers to advise them on the recruitment process?

Mr Chetan: Yes the pandemic has brought focus on new skills which are more valuable in the new way of working. The Job roles are also changing in accordance with this shift to Digital Skills. So focusing on acquiring/polishing these skills would be useful. Second in the virtual interview, one should focus more on ensuring they are clear in their communication and try to be professional in their experience (appearance, background, network quality). Just in case you have some limitations, please be upfront about them to the recruiter and interviewer. All of us understand the challenges that one can face in remote working. Most recruiters, interviewers will be happy to overlook them if they know it’s because of genuine constraints.

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