Teamwork related questions that every hiring manager asks

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By Shreya Chakraborty

Every job interview has a feature question – are you a team player?

The obvious answer is ‘yes’, but not many applicants can impress with the rationale after the initial response.

Remember, the hiring manager wants to judge your aura in the team when he asks you such questions. One must remain positive and provide specific examples. Here are some commonly asked teamwork related questions asked at different job interviews. As a bonus, we have shared some helpful hints as well:

Q1- Give examples of your teamwork skills.

Hint – The employer wants to know about your teamwork skills. Hence share some good examples, that helped you and your team succeed in a crucial task.

Q2- How do you feel about working on a live project with a big team?

Hint – Try to provide a recent example of your contribution to a big team. This will show your interest and achievements.

Q3- What’s your take on working in a team?

Hint – This question is a clear indicator that you will be expected to work in a team. Respond with a positive answer, and mention a few of your attributes that indicate that you adjust well.

Q4- Tell me about a time you worked well as a team member.

Hint – Be prepared with a good response that demonstrates your appreciation of teamwork.

Q5- What role have you played in resolving team crisis?

Hint – By asking this question, an employer is trying to know how you fit into their current team and whether you have crisis management skills.

Shreya is a trainee features writer with TimesJobs

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