TimesJobs Poll: 48% poll takers have planned their careers

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For reaching the desired professional goals, career planning is extremely crucial. On the other hand it’s an overwhelming task and exhaustive as well. While this is one of the most ignored tasks by most working individuals in their professional lives, some do it extensively and find exploring ways to achieve it through self-evaluation, market research, and continuous learning.

Career planning can also help working professionals in many ways such as figuring out future goals, saving time & energy, in making confident choices and focusing on career. To know your views on the same, please take this poll and let us know your thoughts on whether you have planned your career path to achieve professional goals or not.

To understand the detailed views, TimesJobs rolled out a poll to get an insight and know if working employees have planned their career path to achieve professional goals.

Here are the responses:

  • Most (48%) poll takers said that yes it was well planned
  • About 26% said that they did not do it yet, but were planning to do so
  • Nearly, 23% said that they went with the flow
  • 3% said that they did not require any career planning
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