TimesJobs Poll: What type of resume works best for a tech profile?

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A techie can choose resume formats from various options available online. Particularly for a tech role, a resume should show a list of experience, skills and job history that outlines an individual’s ability. This will help you to improve your chances of landing an interview for your dream job.

When a candidate is applying for a job in the IT industry, it is important that the resume accurately reflects your skills and experience in the field. However, technical resumes are different from other standard resumes in several ways. When writing a technical resume, applicants must make a list of skills which are required in a job role he/she is applying for.

Each field and position in the IT industry may have its unique requirements, so customising the resume based on those needs can help you stand out. To know your views on the same, please take this poll and let us know your thoughts on the type of resume which will work best for a tech profile.

Take this poll and let us know

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