Tips to become a successful Machine Learning Researcher

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Every researcher desires to be on top of his/her game, especially when it comes to machine learning. Most of the time it is seen that budding researchers spend more time on research work or on finding an unachievable ideal. Here are some non-technical habits you need to add into practice that will help you become a successful machine learning researcher.

Search for research inspiration in different places

Deciding what to work on can be the hardest part of research. Talk to other researchers in different fields. Ask what problem they are excited about and try to restate the problem in computational terms. A lot of the most impactful work in machine learning results from collisions with bio/chem/physics, social sciences, or pure math.

2. Chase a thought that you find intriguing

Explore the real-world issues and apply your specialised skills on them. Pursue issues that energize you, excite you and give you a purpose. Chase a thought that you find intriguing and has enough applications in reality. Contemplate what part of machine learning arouses your curiosity, what new outcomes have been accomplished in the field, and how this outcome changes your view on the innovation.

3. Pose new questions to yourselves

Foster a specific desire for the issue you need to research on. In the long haul, you must continually pose new questions to yourselves and consistently go through comparative ideas. Go through as many papers and books identified with the issue as possible. Persue and survey them to figure out how to get an intense comprehension of the subject. Always strive for a thorough conversation around the point with specialists.

4. Always be in the known

To keep yourselves updated with the developments and progress occurring within the AI field, you have to seek more technical, relevant and direct sources. As a Machine Learning Researcher, you shouldn’t shy away from a challenge. Eventually, the knowledge and information obtained from researching the smaller component all sum up to an understanding of the initial broader concept or idea.

5. Learning is the only constant

Artificial intelligence field demand constant learning. The AI field is evolving and progressing every day, and this means Data Scientists, ML Engineers, ML Researchers and all forms of ML practitioners are required to continually keep up to date with new techniques, applications, algorithms and more. When you become a Machine Learning Researcher, regardless of whatever level, you are expected not to get complacent with the current knowledge you have, because, in a few months or years, there’s always a new state of the art technology that beats all previously set benchmarks.

6. Teaching is the best form of learning

The more you challenge yourself to be able to understand a topic to the point where you can educate another person on that topic, the more of a better Machine Learning Researcher you become. It’s your job as ML researcher to be able to explain ML ideas, techniques and concepts in layman terms, especially to a non-technical audience.

7. Work on personal projects

This is one of the most effective methods of ensuring you are the best ML researcher you can be. Personal projects can be seen as one’s curiosity to either explore solutions to problems or create an understanding of the world around them. For some, a personal project is the beginning of a new tech startup, venture or business. For you, a personal project is an opportunity to showcase to the world your technical ability and creativeness. It’s a door that leads to endless possibilities.

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