Top 10 Talend interview questions

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Top 10 Talend interview questions
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Top 10 Talend interview questions

1) What is Talend?

Talend is Data Integration & Management Tool. It allows users to convert, merge and update data in various areas of their business.

2) Which language Talend is written?

Talend application developed using Java language.

3) When was Talend tool launched?

Talend Open Studio (TOS) was Launched in the year 2006

4) Can we save our personal settings in the DQ Portal?

No, it is not possible to save our setting in the DQ Portal.

5) Give some advantages of using the Talend

Talend open studio tool can automate the tasks and offers faster development and deployment.
Talend has everything that you might need to meet today’s marketing need as well as in the future.
It is free, and it is backed up by the huge online community. They are mostly professionals or learners who share information, experiences, queries, etc.

6) Define Component concerning Talend open studio

A component is a functional unit which is used to perform a single operation in Talend. You can use them with the help of simple drag and drop functionality. The component can be a snippet of Java code which is generated as a part of a Job.

7) What is Code Generator in Talend?

Talend offers a GUI, which allows you to drag and drop the components to design a Job. Simply, it translates these jobs into a Java class. That’s why it is known as a code generator.

8) Can we execute a Talend Job remotely?

Yes, we can execute Talend job remotely using the command line. For that, you need to, export the job along with its dependencies. After that, you can access its instructions files from the terminal.

9) What is tMap?

tMap is an advanced component which can be integrated as a plugin to Talend Studio. This component can transform and routes data from single or multiple sources to single or multiple destinations.

10) What Are the Operations of tMap?

tMap performs following operations:

Data transformation on any fields
Data multiplexing and demultiplexing
Fields concatenation and interchange
Rejection of Data
Filtering or the field using constraints
11) What is the meaning of MDM with reference to Talend?

MDM stands for Master Data Management. With the help of MDM organization can build and manage a single, consistent and accurate view of the enterprise data. MDM helps to increase business value by improving operational efficiency, marketing effectiveness, planning and regulatory compliance.

12) What is mean by Routines in Talend?

Routines are complicated Java functions, which are used to factorize code. It helps to recover Job capacities and optimized data procedure.

13) What is Migration Task in Talend?

Migration Task ensures the fullness of a project which was developed using the older version of Talend.


Top 10 Talend interview questions