Top 50 ReactJS Interview Questions and Answers

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ReactJS Interview Questions and Answers

1. What are the advantages of using React?
2. What is JSX?
3. What are the differences between functional and class components?
4. What is the virtual DOM? How does react use the virtual DOM to render the UI?
5. What are the differences between controlled and uncontrolled components?
6. What are the different lifecycle methods in React?
7. Explain Strict Mode in React.
8. How to prevent re-renders in React?
9. Explain React state and props.
10. Explain React Hooks.
11. What are the different ways to style a React component?
12. Name a few techniques to optimize React app performance.
13. What are keys in React?
14. How to pass data between react components?
15. What are Higher Order Components?
16. What is prop drilling in React?
17. What are error boundaries?


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