Top reasons why employees need to work from office as soon as possible

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The COVID-19 pandemic has made us understand that tasks that need concentration and focus are better done in a distraction-free environment. Ironically, the people loved the new normal of working from home because of the better working environment than the office. Not only this, employees reported improvements in their daily productivity.

As working from home is slightly comforting, there are also few things that were and are better done in the office. However, one size definitely doesn’t fit all and for some employees face to face interactions has high value. Let’s look at some of the basic reasons that we still need offices to work better:

1. Learning through listening, watching & doing

Let’s start from this one as this one is especially for freshers and new joinees in an organisation. This is for juniors who have just joined and are required to learn their trade by watching, and listening. They need supportive senior colleagues who have an in-built belief that this is the best way to develop raw talent.

2. Where people have few facilities to work at home

We have interns who may not have enough space at home or live in an area with poor Wi-Fi connectivity. They certainly need to come to an office just to be able to work.

3. Dependence on special equipment or facilities

Due to the pandemic, conventional job roles underwent the adaptation of work from home or remote work. On the other hand, we have certain job roles that require specialist equipment like a laboratory or an MRI scanner of high cost which can’t be operated remotely. In such cases this new normal doesn’t seem to work.

4. Tasks that need a secure, regulated environment

Tasks associated with financial transactions, such as banking, payments where it would be inappropriate for such employees to always keep their video cameras on and online transaction monitoring. This is not physically possible.

5. For social connection

Social connection is important for a team and knowledge sharing among workers has its own value. However, employees are managing this beautifully while working from home through online. But still, there is nothing better than face to face interaction during coffee breaks.

6. To gain the trust of managers

With working from home being productive for many, leaders/ managers still think of this as a leverage for their employees. While people are trying to prove themselves, managers still do lack trust in them to take advantage of remote work.

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