Unable to make a career choice? Follow these steps

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By Abheet Sajwan

Although, it is a very tough job to choose a career when you have a plethora of options around you. It’s considered that a good career is what pays your expenses easily, however, this is a very wrong approach to evaluate a career option. A person should always pursue something that makes them happy and contented.

But choosing a career that is both rewarding and satisfying can be a little difficult. So, here are ten ways that will help you to find the best career for yourself.

Area of interest

Before you start hunting for a career, it is very important to identify your passion and strength that drives you. After you have analysed your core capabilities it becomes easy to look for various career options

Fields that interest you

While figuring out what are your areas of interest, one should make a list of fields that drives your passion as well.


Research is the basics of everything whether you are on brink of starting a new career or switching to a new career. In-depth research will help you to seek clarity in every field, helping you to make career choices.

Compare, prioritise and eliminate

Once you have details about the different career options, now it’s time to start shortlisting the options. The selection criteria should always on the basis of jobs available on the market, career growth, and salary package.

Make an informed choice

It’s very important to assess oneself basis their talent, intelligence, educational background, passion, etc before you take up a career. Your choices should not be driven by what others are doing, but what interests you.

Career counsellor

Even after evaluating your option, you find yourself stuck, it is advisable to take the help of a career counsellor who can help you in answering your career related queries.

He is a trainee writer at TimesJobs.

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