Welspun Group’s Group Director – HR put some light on developing career focus in recovering times of COVID-19

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The hiring and career development have been a major focus of the job seekers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many employees that have lost their jobs and are searching for good opportunities whereas others are trying to upskill to reach new heights in their careers. Keeping everything in mind, we need to be prepared for what is to come in 2021 that can be a good start for job seekers.

TimesJobs invited Mr Kaustubh Sonalkar, Group Director – HR, Corporate Communication, CSR and General Affairs, Welspun Group to discuss ‘
Developing career focus in recovering times of COVID-19’ in a High Tea Live Chat Session from 3-4 PM on 27th January 2021.

Highlight of the chat:

Nishant K: Hi I am Nishant. I have Intellectual Disability that affects my behavioural factors & academically, which not helping me in job hunting & having a settled career. I have interest in Accounts & HR. What should I do ?? 1) What To-do list would you recommend when you join an organisation as HR ?? 2) Advice to youngsters who joined the HR industry recently?

Mr. Kaustubh:
HR is a fast field and there is room for all who want to learn and have the right attitude. There is nothing called intellectual disability. Your question is relevant and intelligent so you are smart. There is room for smart people everywhere and HR needs people who are empathetic, high on EQ, people who go are relationship-oriented rather than people who talk jargon. Solutions orientation is a must.

Shruti: Hi Sir. What is the success mantra that you follow in your life which can help us something for our future?

Mr. Kaustubh: There is no mantra but a few simple things that one should follow:

  1. be passionate about your work
  2. be honest in whatever you are doing
  3. make the best of any opportunity which comes your way
  4. always put your best foot forward and don’t regret later
  5. be customer-centric
  6. speed is key
  7. make sure your output is your own creation and not copied. 8) enjoy your work / have fun

Read the transcript.

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